Anoushka Rising

first_imgShe is a beautiful image of Ravi Shankar, but there is a lot more to Anoushka Shankar than just being her father’s daughter.A musician who excels both at the sitar and the piano, a writer, and actress, Anoushka recently launched a new album, Rise, written, produced and arranged by her, which was nominated for the Grammies in the contemporary world music section. In an exclusive interview with Little India’s Kavita Chhibber, Anoushka Shankar talks about her life, her music, George Harrison, the negative stories in the press splashed by her mother’s ex husband, her sister Norah Jones relationship with the Shankars, and much more.What are your earliest memories of music? It was before I really started learning music formally. I remember singing with my mom. I have always been interested in music, but it was the piano that I was drawn to. I never really felt an active desire to play the sitar and when I did, I did not like it initially, but my father made it so interesting for me.. Each lesson would be filled with anecdotes, creating pictures in my mind, about each raga, especially when I was younger and slowly I began to like it a lot. You have become an integral part of Ravi Shankar’s tours since the past few years. Raviji said that you have an uncanny ability to reproduce anything he plays, and he often improvises even while doing a duet with you and you catch up quickly.As far as dad is concerned, it is always intimidating to be on the same stage as him, playing with him. It terrifies me to even think of making a mistake and having him hear it.A good 90 percent of what my father plays on stage is improvisation, so it is quite a Herculean task playing a duet with him. I am constantly staring at him all the time, picking things up as he continues to improvise and that is why now playing solo is such a wonderful experience for me , because it gives me the opportunity to discover myself a lot more.Your first three CDs were all traditional classical music and featured solo performances by you. With Rise you have broken new grounds in more ways than one?I started playing and performing at such a young age, so the focus was a lot on technical perfection, even though I was learning to feel the music and the emotional aspect of it from my father on the side. Today I think my growth as a musician has been as the result of my own personal journey and where I’m today in terms of maturity and being comfortable in my own skin.When I am performing with my father or playing his compositions, I still focus on what he wants from me and play accordingly, but when I perform solo, it’s different. I can never take away from the fact that my father has an immense influence on who I am as a musician, but he has given me the freedom also to be my own person.Let’s talk about Rise. You were supposed to be on this one year sabbatical, and here we are with an album, you created on your own and that has earned a Grammy nomination. Well I knew this was going to be an ensemble album. I must admit I didn’t plan to have so many different artists on it, or that I would play such a minor role in some of the pieces but as I went along, I was so excited by what these artists brought to the album, that I often forgot about my own work.It was extremely hard to put this album together, as I was working with artists in different age groups with different temperaments, unique caliber and stature. I was also recording in five different cities around the world. The instruments didn’t match and often we worked on the computer going note by note to create a match on every level. For example “Voice of the Moon” is actually four different pieces where each instrument was recorded separately and then made to flow smoothly. In spite of all the various instruments and music style the album still has a very Indian heart. I’m really proud of the fact that this album is completely my own, and I was involved in all aspects of its creation. Look at my face. I have looked like Bapi (Ravi Shankar) from the day I was born… how blind will you have to be to figure out whose child I was if you saw us together.Ever since Norah Jones burst in to the music scene with her first album and her relationship with Raviji, the Indian media especially, has had a field day, talking about her supposed turbulent relationship him, his silence at not acknowledging her in the early years. When did you know you had a half sister?I have known that I had a half sister my whole life. Norah’s mother felt it was best to protect her by not telling her in the early years. My mother on the contrary has always been very open with me so I knew all along that I had a half sister. She visited my father at the age of 2 and 5 in India and later in England and was on the tour with us for about three weeks.The press got the time line all wrong and one magazine that seems to for some reason not like us, ran a story on Norah and me which implied that I was the spoilt brat carrying interviews with people I had never met and that Norah was the poor suffering one. It has been implied that she became well known, then developed a relationship with my father, but the fact is she and I have been close since I was 16 and she was 18 and her relationship with my father was fine.Your mother’s ex husband Narender Kotiyan has pictures of you two poignantly displayed on the internet painting him to be a martyr whose daughter was snatched away by your parents. Even the caption of the recent story “The Man Anoushka Shankar Loved and Lost,’ sounded like you are pining for him, and being kept away against your will. Your mother has never denied that she conceived you while she was still married to Naren, but that the marriage was rocky, a fact he admits to, himself. He also claims that he didn’t know Ravi Shankar was your father. Look at my face. I have looked like Bapi (Ravi Shankar) from the day I was born… how blind will you have to be to figure out whose child I was if you saw us togetherLook at my face. I have looked like Bapi (Ravi Shankar) from the day I was born. My mother did tell him, but even if she didn’t utter a single word, how blind will you have to be to figure out whose child I was if you saw us together. It’s totally idiotic to claim otherwise. My mother and he divorced when I was four, she married my father when I turned seven, so how did he snatch me away from him? In fact, even though he is biologically not my father and as such has no legal right on me, my mother would send me to visit him on weekends and even after they married, both my parents, especially my father were so magnanimous as to encourage me to spend time with him because he was someone who was a part of my early years. But each time I went there, if I let him, he would try to say things against my parents or emotionally blackmail me. By the time I was 10 or 11 it was my decision not to see him any more. He made me uncomfortable.For a period of time he would come for my concerts and I would go over to say hello, but it would always be so melodramatic.He had this circle of friends who believed his sob stories and had decided it was their job to reveal “the real truth” to me. I often get letters from all these people and respond to every one telling them to tell him how I feel about all that he is doing, and it irritates the crap out of me, because it is not fair or right or any of their business. I would be at a concert in London signing autographs or whatever and one such friend would come over and say very emotionally ‘He is here … Naren is here…’ He would create this weird environment and expected me to tip toe around my parents to go see him. It was all so stupid. No one in my family has ever made him feel unwanted or unwelcome. Like any one else, he can come and meet me in the open, but he doesn’t.All the pictures you see on the internet are out of context and the right time line and removed from albums. One of the pictures is taken at the house of Bapi’s friend. It’s not even in his house. My mother actually bought that house, in spite of his claims to the contrary. She was so civil with him and dealt with everything with dignity. Why is he doing this, if he claims to love me?I don’t bear him any ill will and I loved him as a kid. But I wish he would get help and counseling. It’s very unhealthy to hold on to grudges and talk about nothing else, but the past and distort facts even though it has been 20 years.Your family has been very close to George Harrison and the concert for George to mark his first death anniversary was beautiful.George Harrison was a beautiful man and the concert for George was cathartic for all of us. It was a lot of work as we ended up putting everything together in four days and we worked at an incredible pace. I love playing with other people because you become a part of a greater musical endeavor. Bapi wrote a beautiful piece for the concert and it all somehow came together. With that tribute we rejoiced and also were finally able to let go.It seems a lot more valuable for me when I get something which I know is only just for me. Like the time I won the national Beta Conference representing the state of California, or when I won Homecoming Queen it seems a lot more valuable for me when I get something which I know is only just for me. Like the time I won the national Beta Conference representing the state of California, or when I won Homecoming QueenHow was it foraying into acting? You did the Pamela Rooks film, “Dance like a Man” about the daughter of two dancers continuing the dream of her parents through her own to dance. I know you have trained in Bharat natyam.Yes, but it was so long ago. The linear notes were in my head and I remembered the symbolic patters and hand movements, but I had to retrain physically to regain that comfort level because again I had not continued dance. The good thing was that I have faced the camera so often that there were no jitters there. As a result I could focus on the work at hand.I enjoyed the experience, and felt that this was just the right film, and my role as a supporting actor just the right one to test the waters. It is not something I’m pursuing seriously. I have done a lot of readings but things have not worked out mainly because of my hectic tour schedule.So has it been a blessing or a burden to be Ravi Shankar’s daughter?Well, it has been beneficial in the sense that I would have had to struggle a lot more to be where I am. I usually ignore people who are overly critical or expect too much. Once in a while there is an excellent analysis, but finally, it is more important what my audience thinks and the positive flow of energy from them to me is an incredibly amazing experience. I knew earlier on that I would always be known as Ravi Shankar’s daughter no matter what, so I take it all in my stride. I have never come across serious discrimination, although once in a while I meet people who aim little jibes here and there: “Oh my God, if I had heard you with my eyes closed, I would have never known you were a woman.” A man would never get a comment like that.You have achieved a lot in a short span of time – ace pianist, sitar prodigy, writer etc. So what are the achievements you are singularly proud of?Probably those that have nothing to do with music. I feel that whenever I get an award, or I do something related to music, it invariably has a connection with my father. So it seems a lot more valuable for me when I get something which I know is only just for me. Like the time I won the national Beta Conference representing the state of California, or when I won Homecoming Queen. That was an amazing experience because it had nothing to do with my music. Everyone had voted for me because they liked who I was as a person and not because I was Ravi Shankar’s daughter. And now of course my new album. What’s in the works now?I will be in India and Rise has just released there so I will be performing pieces from it then come back and complete my father’s festival of India tour. Then I will be headed for a world tour for Rise. Times have changed and I think it’s unhealthy to be obsessed with just one thing. I would go crazy.. I crave too many things, so I see myself doing a variety of things and as many interesting projects as possible. Related Itemslast_img read more

Race to good health

first_imgPlanning to start running, are you? Then there’s help at hand-virtually. offers you information about running, now considered a wonder sport for your health. The website, founded by running enthusiast Rahul Verghese, takes you on a virtual tour through proper nutrition guidelines for marathoners, ideal running schedules for beginners, intermediaries and advanced runners, special tips for kids and women, the best and latest available running gear and apparel and much more. You can also join the group through the portal. Going a step ahead, the website also gives you important information about running events going on across the country. What’s more, if you are planning to organise a run, you can get tips at the click of a button!last_img

NCP leader Praful Patel files his nomination for RS polls

first_imgMumbai, May 27 (PTI) NCP leader Praful Patel today filed his nomination from Maharashtra for the Rajya Sabha election slated for June 11.If elected, this will be Patels fourth term in the Rajya Sabha. He was first elected to the Upper House in 2000. In 2004, he became the Union Minister of State for Civil Aviation.He was again elected to the Rajya Sabha in 2006 before winning the Lok Sabha election for the fourth time in 2009. Patel represented Bhandara-Gondiya constituency of Maharashtra in the 15th Lok Sabha.In the 2014 Lok Sabha election, Patel lost to Nana Patole of BJP. The same year, NCP leader Tariq Anwar, who was elected to Lok Sabha, quit his Rajya Sabha seat and Patel was re-nominated from Anwars seat.In Maharashtra, six Rajya Sabha seats are up for grabs while there are 10 vacancies in the Legislative Council, the elections for which are slated on June 10.The retiring Rajya Sabha MPs from Maharashtra are Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut (who filed his nomination on May 26), Union Power Minister Piyush Goyal (who filed his nomination on June 24), Ishwarlal Jain and Praful Patel (both NCP), Vijay Darda and Avinash Pande (both Congress). PTI MM NP NSD SSBlast_img read more

Supersub Eriksen keeps Spurs’ UCL hopes alive

first_imgChristian Eriksen scored the only goal at Wembley as Tottenham edged past Inter 1-0 to keep their Champions League last-16 hopes alive.The Italians had looked like leaving London with the point they needed to secure their place in the knockout stages and dump Spurs out, but substitute Eriksen lashed home with 10 minutes remaining to move Mauricio Pochettino’s side level on points with them. Tottenham now travel to Group B leaders Barcelona – who have already qualified for the knockout stages – in two weeks’ time knowing that a win would see them join Ernesto Valverde’s side in the next round. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Man Utd ready to spend big on Sancho and Haaland in January Who is Marcus Thuram? Lilian’s son who is top of the Bundesliga with Borussia Monchengladbach Brazil, beware! Messi and Argentina out for revenge after Copa controversy Best player in MLS? Zlatan wasn’t even the best player in LA! Spurs – who hit the crossbar through Harry Winks in the first half – had looked set for disappointment until Eriksen finished a fine team move involving Moussa Sissoko and Dele Alli to keep them firmly in the hunt for second place.FULL-TIME: @ChrisEriksen8’s late strike keeps our hopes of #UCL qualification alive! #COYS— Tottenham Hotspur (@SpursOfficial) November 28, 2018Harry Kane was denied by Samir Handanovic at his near post, while Alli fizzed over the crossbar from 20 yards as Tottenham started brightly.Erik Lamela flashed wide from distance shortly before the halfway mark in the first half, while Lucas Moura fired straight at Handanovic after a swashbuckling run from Sissoko.Pochettino’s dominant side came agonisingly close to breaking the deadlock seven minutes before the interval, but Winks’ curling effort from 25 yards crashed back off the crossbar.Inter started to come out of their shell in the second period with Milan Skriniar prodding wide at the back post and Ivan Perisic denied by Hugo Lloris.The visitors’ backline looked set to hold firm, but Eriksen – who scored in September’s 2-1 defeat to Luciano Spalletti’s side at San Siro – had other ideas.The Denmark international showed superb composure to thump past Handanovic from eight yards after being teed up by Alli to keep his side’s Champions League adventure alive for at least another fortnight. What does it mean? Spurs leave it lateOne point from their opening three games looked to have ended Tottenham’s hopes of reaching the knockout stages, but they have proved they are made of stern stuff under Pochettino with two wins on the spin putting qualification in their own hands. Inter will be kicking themselves for letting a point slip through their grasp and now need to better Spurs’ result against Barca when they take on PSV.Winks looks the partThe 22-year-old has not looked out of place on Europe’s biggest stage this season and again proved why he is so highly rated by Tottenham with a composed display. He was only the width of a crossbar away from scoring a superb goal in the first half.Lamela lucky to avoid redThe Argentina international endured a difficult game, too often making the wrong choice when in promising positions. He can also count himself very lucky not to have received his marching orders for an ugly tackle on Marcelo Brozovic.Key Opta Facts- Inter have never drawn in an away Champions League match against an English side (W3 L5).- Inter have failed to score in three of their last four away games in Champions League.- Tottenham and Inter are two of the seven sides yet to find the back of the net during the first 30 minutes of any game in the Champions League this season.- Borja Valero made his 50th Inter appearance in all competitions.What’s next?Tottenham return to Premier League action on Sunday with a mouth-watering north London derby against Arsenal, while Inter face a difficult visit to Roma in Serie A on the same day. read morelast_img read more

Asus ZenFone 3 Zoom with 5000 mAh battery, 12MP dual cameras goes on sale

first_imgLaunched back in February, Asus ZenFone 3 Zoom is now available to the consumers, but only in the US. However, if the rumours are to be believed, the device is expected to hit the Indian shores very soon. However, no confirmation from the company as of now. The smartphone like its predecessor — ZenFone Zoom offers excellent photography experience and battery backup.Asus ZenFone 3 Zoom is the successor of the previously announced ZenFone Zoom. The smartphone was launched at $399, which should be roughly around Rs 25,800. But, it surprisingly available at a much cheaper price tag.The smartphone at present goes up on sale in the US market at a price tag of $329, which in India would cost around Rs 21,261. This means that the ZenFone 3 Zoom gets a price cut of approx Rs 4,000. The key highlight of the smartphone is its battery, and of course the camera like the ZenFone Zoom. On the optics front, Asus ZenFone 3 Zoom competes pretty well with its predecessor – ZenFone Zoom, which also includes optical zoom and focuses on mobile photography.Also Read: OnePlus 5 apparently beats Samsung Galaxy S8, Sony Xperia XZ Premium at GeekbenchAsus ZenFone 3 Zoom comes with optical zoom and dual cameras at the back. The smartphone comes with 12-megapixel sensors at the rear panel wherein one of them comes packed with a f/1.7-aperture and 25 mm wide-angle lens. While, on the other hand, the second sensor includes a 59 mm camera for instant 2.3X optical zoom. Furthermore, said to be excellent in mobile photography, the Asus ZenFone 3 Zoom also comes with a new autofocusing feature called TriTech+.advertisementTriTech+ reportedly uses a laser autofocus system, subject tracking, and dual pixel phase detection autofocus technologies. On the front panel, the ZenFone 3 Zoom features a 13 MP front-facing selfie camera. Apart from the camera, the smartphone delivers excellent battery backup. Asus ZenFone 3 Zoom is backed by a huge 5000 mAh battery. Well, that being said, the upcoming and the most-awaited OnePlus 5 is expected to be backed by a 3400mAh, similar to that of its predecessor – OnePlus 3T.The company claims that the smartphone has the ability to last up to 42 days on standby. On the other hand, the device also comes with the ability to support up to 6.4 hours of non-stop 4K video recording.Also Read: OnePlus 5 summer launch confirmed, fresh leaks confirm dual cameraIn terms of other specifications, the Asus ZenFone 3 Zoom sports a 5.5-inch 1080p display, which is further protected by a Gorilla Glass 5. The smartphone is further powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor and is coupled with 3GB of RAM. On the storage front, the smartphone includes a 32GB internal storage. It also includes a fingerprint sensor on the back right below the rear camera set-up.In the US, the Asus ZenFone 3 Zoom is reportedly shipping with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. Currently, the smartphone is available on several online stores in the US. However, if the rumours are to be believed the device might hit the Indian shores soon. Well, for now, the coming of the device to India is just a rumour and should be taken with a pinch of salt until Asus confirms itself.Asus is currently working on another phone, dubbed — ZenFone 4 Max. The smartphone has already been subjected to several rumours and leaks. In terms of the specifications, the upcoming ZenFone phone is expected to come with a 5.5-inch display, and will either be powered by Snapdragon 625 or 660. Asus is yet to confirm the device.last_img read more

Oklahoma QB Austin Kendall Reportedly Makes Transfer Decision

first_imgoklahoma quarterback austin kendall warms upNORMAN, OK – NOVEMBER 10: Quarterback Austin Kendall #10 of the Oklahoma Sooners warms up before the game against the Oklahoma State Cowboys at Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium on November 10, 2018 in Norman, Oklahoma. Oklahoma defeated Oklahoma State 48-47. (Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images)Less than an hour after Oklahoma reportedly backed off its transfer blocking of quarterback Austin Kendall, the former four-star recruit has reportedly made a decision.Kendall, who put his name into the NCAA’s transfer portal earlier this month, has reportedly enrolled at West Virginia.247Sports first reported news of Kendall’s official move to West Virginia.Kendall will be enrolling at West Virginia on Thursday.After hours of public shaming, the Sooners relented on their decision to keep him from being eligible right away. EerSports reported that he would then visit Morgantown on Thursday, but we can now update that and say Kendall will enrollat West Virginia on Thursday. He will officially be a Mountaineer.Kendall’s move to West Virginia had reportedly been blocked by Oklahoma earlier in the day.The quarterback is a graduate transfer, so he’s able to play right away in 2019. However, Oklahoma was allowed to block moves within the conference.Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley has backed off that blocking, though, allowing Kendall to go to West Virginia.BREAKING: Oklahoma will grant grad transfer QB Austin Kendall the waiver to be immediately eligible at West Virginia, @usatodaysportshas learned.The school worked through its concerns over a transfer within the Big 12 to arrive at the decision.— George Schroeder (@GeorgeSchroeder) January 16, 2019Kendall, who has two years of eligibility remaining, threw for 122 yards and 1 touchdown during the 2018 season.He spent his time at Oklahoma backing up Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray and likely would’ve been OU’s backup to Jalen Hurts in 2019.Now, Kendall gets to head to another major program and likely start right away.last_img read more

New Chair Appointed to Nova Scotia Boxing Authority

first_imgNova Scotia’s boxing community has scored a knockout win with the appointment of a new chair to the Nova Scotia Boxing Authority. Health Promotion Minister Rodney MacDonald has appointed Michael “Mickey” MacDonald to take over for Dick MacLean who has completed his second two-year term. “I thank Mr. MacLean for his service, and for the leadership and commitment he has shown the boxing community in his two terms,” said Mr. MacDonald. “Following Mr. MacLean is Mickey MacDonald, and we are excited to have Mickey assume the position of chair.” Mickey is an avid boxer who has sparred with many of Halifax’s best professionals. “Mickey will not only bring a fresh perspective and new set of ideas to the boxing authority but he has a proven ability to lead and build partnerships,” said Mr. MacDonald. “He has been a champion in the business world and has also given generously of his time and his resources to the community.” Mickey volunteers with Feed Nova Scotia, and has been a consistent supporter of the IWK Hospital and the Nova Scotia Schools Athletic Federation. He is currently the CEO of Atlantic Mobility Products in Bedford, as well as owner and president of Micco Developments, a Halifax company that deals with residential land development and real estate rentals. Among other careers, Mr. MacDonald also spent time as a firefighter with the Halifax Fire Department. Mickey has been awarded a place in Atlantic Business’s Top 50 CEOs in Atlantic Canada four years in a row. He also helped lead Down East Communications to a title as one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies in 2002 and 2003. “I’m honoured to be given the opportunity to chair the Nova Scotia Boxing Authority. It’s been a great passion of mine and I will do everything I can to see that more opportunities are available for boxers, both professional and amateur, in Nova Scotia,” said Mickey. During Mr. MacLean’s time as chair, the Nova Scotia Boxing Authority made financial contributions to various amateur boxing clubs throughout Nova Scotia. These clubs were able to provide a better experience for youth interested in boxing. Funds were used to purchase better equipment for women entering the sport; to support promotional campaigns that resulted in expanded membership; to support amateurs with an opportunity to travel and compete on a provincial level; and to subsidize registration fees for disadvantaged youth. One of Mr. MacLean’s greatest achievements was the revision of Nova Scotia’s boxing regulations. The revised rules have been modernized and clarified for the benefit of future boxers and promoters of the sport. The Nova Scotia Boxing Authority supervises and regulates professional and amateur boxing in the province, establishes and enforces uniform rules for the conduct of boxing, provides for the licensing of persons engaged in or connected with the presentation of boxing exhibitions or contests, enforces proper medical standards and provides medical examinations.last_img read more

WPI inflation unchanged at 108 pc in Aug reinforces rate cut expectation

first_imgNew Delhi: Wholesale price based inflation was unchanged at 1.08 per cent in August, reinforcing the expectation of a rate cut by the RBI in the October policy review. Although the RBI takes into account the consumer price index based inflation while deciding its monetary policy stance, the decline in core inflation has strengthened the case for a rate cut, said an expert. According to the data released by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry on Monday, the increase in prices of certain food items was partially neutralised by static prices of manufactured goods during August 2019. Also Read – Thermal coal import may surpass 200 MT this fiscal The WPI (wholesale price index) inflation was 1.08 per cent in July and 4.62 per cent in August 2018. Inflation in food articles rose to 7.67 per cent during the month as against 6.15 per cent in July mainly on account of rise in prices of vegetables and protein-rich items. Vegetable inflation went up at 13.07 per cent from 10.67 per cent in the previous month. Inflation in protein-rich items like egg, meat and fish rose to 6.60 per cent last month from 3.16 per cent in July. Also Read – Food grain output seen at 140.57 mt in current fiscal on monsoon boost However, fuel and power basket continued to witness deflation at 4 per cent in August as against 3.64 per cent in July. Inflation in manufactured products showed no inflation print at 0 per cent as against 0.34 per cent in July, showed the data released by the ministry. “The weakness in the core WPI inflation in August 2019 was broad-based, with 15 of the sub-sectors recording a sequential easing in inflation and as many as nine of the categories recording a year-on-year disinflation,” said Aditi Nayar, Economist at ICRA. With pricing power of producers unlikely to strengthen and commodities ex-crude oil likely to remain sluggish in the immediate term, the core-WPI inflation may remain sub-zero in the rest of this calendar year, she added. “The disinflation in core-WPI in August 2019 has further reinforced our expectation of a rate cut in the October 2019 policy review. In our view, the assessed space for further accommodation should be front loaded,” Nayar said. The retail (CPI) inflation in August rose marginally to 3.21 per cent as against 3.15 per cent in the previous month mainly due to costlier food items, government data showed last week. The Reserve Bank has cut key repo rate by 110 basis points during this year by effecting a total of four cuts so far. The economy which recorded a six-year low growth of 5 per cent in the first quarter of the current fiscal may require some action by the RBI to boost consumer demand in the upcoming festive season.last_img read more

Wild ride for purloined pooches after pickup truck stolen in Edmonton

first_imgEDMONTON – Two old English bulldogs named Rocky and Jersey are the focus of a police search for a pickup truck in which both pooches were waiting for their master when their ride was stolen this week in Edmonton.Jersey, a brown three-year-old female, and Rockey, a six-month-old black-and-white male, were in the cab when the pickup truck was taken from outside a business Monday afternoon.The owner was inside for about 20 minutes and when she came out the vehicle was gone and there was nothing left but glass on the ground from a shattered driver-side window.The truck, which was also hauling an all-terrain vehicle, was reportedly involved in a hit-and-run collision in Leduc later Monday.It was last seen travelling towards the community of Calmar, southwest of the city.Police say they want to help the family get their dogs back as quickly as possible.The truck is a grey 2014 Ford F150 with Alberta licence plate RPA249.The ATV is a 2016 Can-Am DS90 with Alberta plate GDA50.last_img read more

Bring transparency reforms to BC legislature say independent officers

first_imgThe Canadian Press VICTORIA — A report alleging “flagrant” overspending by two top officials at British Columbia’s legislature has prompted a call for major accountability and transparency reforms.B.C.’s information and privacy commissioner, the ombudsperson and merit commissioner together say the time has arrived to bring in modern transparency and accountability rules to monitor the legislature and its officials.The three independent officers of the legislature made the call for reforms today in a joint letter to the Legislative Assembly Management Committee, which oversees financial management of the legislature.Speaker Darryl Plecas is the chairman of the all-party committee.A 76-page report released by Plecas last month alleges spending in the millions of dollars by suspended sergeant-at-arms Gary Lenz and clerk Craig James on overseas trips, payout packages and personal purchases.James and Lenz, who are on administrative leave, have denied any wrongdoing.last_img read more

Cambodia UN to review draft law on special court to try Khmer

Manoel de Almeida e Silva told reporters in New York that the UN “looks forward to receiving the law,” which took effect after being signed by King Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia. The spokesman added that the legislation would be reviewed to determine that it conforms to a draft memorandum of understanding governing the UN’s participation with Cambodia in a trial of Khmer Rouge leaders. Pledging continued commitment to the cause of justice in Cambodia, Mr. de Almeida e Silva said the UN “is prepared to continue to work closely with the Government to assist it to undertake a trial that will finally bring Khmer Rouge leaders to justice and provide a measure of accountability for the heinous crimes they committed against their fellow Cambodians and their country.”The spokesman emphasized that the relationship between the UN and the Government of Cambodia “will have to be governed by a memorandum of understanding.” read more

Egypt UN refugee agency has until Sunday to assess status of detained

Egyptian authorities have given the United Nations refugee agency until Sunday to assess the status of hundreds of Sudanese held on the outskirts of Cairo and threatened with detention following last month’s fatal demonstrations. “UNHCR has so far received no guarantees from the Egyptian government that – as we have requested – no one will be deported,” UN High Commissioner for Refugees spokesman Ron Redmond said in Geneva.Assessment teams of are working around the clock in an attempt to properly assess the status of the remaining 463 Sudanese refugees, he said, and recommendations will be made on Sunday, he said. The Sudanese were taken into custody by police after their three-month sit-in protest in a Cairo park ended tragically two weeks ago in a confrontation that left several people dead and injured. At first, Egyptian authorities gave UNHCR three days to assess the legal status of the detainees and their possible need for international protection. The agency sought a one-month extension to carry out a thorough review, but was only given one additional week.On Wednesday, 164 Sudanese asylum seekers and refugees, including 41 women and 31 children, were released by the Egyptian authorities following photo and identity verification, the agency said. Those refugees had lost their status cards while being removed from the square. UNHCR issued all 164 with new cards and provided each with a one-time financial grant of 300 Egyptian pounds (approximately $60).UNHCR has recommended the immediate release of all women and children, of which more than 190 remain in detention, on legal and moral humanitarian grounds. It recommended the immediate release of all Sudanese from Darfur in due to the current situation there. Although UNHCR advises against forcible return to Sudan at this point in time, as many areas are not yet deemed safe, the agency said it can facilitate return for those Sudanese who explicitly express the wish to go back to safe areas.The agency said that Egypt acceded in 1981 to the 1951 Refugee Convention and as a result has basic responsibilities towards refugees and asylum seekers, including registration and status determination. It considers the deportation of “persons of concern” a violation of the Convention.Food, blankets and basic clothing have been distributed by UNHCR to Sudanese who took part in the sit-in strike. All have also been provided with a one-off financial grant, varying from 300 to 700 Egyptian pounds depending on family size. read more

Geek deals Dell XPS 8500 Core i7 Ivy Bridge desktop for 849

first_imgNot only has the death of desktops been widely exaggerated, they haven’t approached commodity status yet either. Sure, the lower priced ones are without a doubt commoditized, but that’s true with the lower-tier of any product category. While Apple undoubtedly owns the high-end desktop market with their pricey and popular iMacs, there is still a lot of room for players in the mid-range market.A mid-range desktop can do a little of everything. You will have a quad-core processor in the form of at least an Intel Core i5, a generous helping of RAM, and at least a terabyte of storage. The biggest variables will be in the graphics and multimedia departments. Do you want a TV tuner or maybe need a more powerful graphics card? Not all mid-range systems offer all of the multimedia options, though you can get an upgraded graphics card in just about any system.Dell’s XPS lineup has long been the staple of the mid-range, offering more performance than the entry-level models with at least a subset of the same features found in high-end machines. The XPS 8500 is the newest model in this family, sporting a refreshed design and the third generation Intel Core platform. While the design isn’t revolutionary or terribly different from the prior XPS 8300, it is still stylish and fitting with today’s PC design ethos.On the tech front, the XPS 8500 has just about everything you could need. An “Ivy Bridge” quad-core Core i7 processor is standard on the model in this deal, as is 8GB of DDR3 RAM, a 1 terabyte SATA III hard drive, and both Wireless-N and Bluetooth. You can customize this model, including options like an upgraded graphics card, Blu-ray drive, and up to 16GB of RAM. There is no shortage of connectivity thanks to a whopping ten USB ports, four of which are 3.0-spec and even one that supports mobile device charging.The base model normally sells for $899.99, but we’ve got a rare $50 coupon that brings it down to $849.99 with free shipping.Visit LogicBuy for the Dell XPS 8500 Core i7 “Ivy Bridge” Desktop deal or browse more Dell deals & couponslast_img read more

iPad 5 video shows off Apples upcoming tablet design

first_imgWith the iPhone 5S having been released and already hitting the streets, we can be pretty sure that the 2013 iPad is coming next. Right now, it’s looking like Apple’s iPad 5 refresh is going to offer a thinner device whose exterior matches that of the iPad mini and completes Apple’s transition to updated materials, colors, and textures.The 10-inch iPad 4 has been due for a makeover for some time. This was especially apparent once the release of the iPad mini brought consumers a smaller tablet without the elongated taper to the edges, focusing instead on being a thinner all around device that you could still comfortably grip with one hand. There’s been plenty of speculation that Apple was going to update the full-sized tablet to imitate the iPad mini, but this new video really shows everything you need to know about the the iPad 5’s updating casing.Apple’s problems keeping things from leaking out seem to be getting worse, as the exterior panels for the upcoming iPad 5 show up on YouTube. As expected, the new casing looks like a larger iPad mini, bidding a fond farewell to the elongated tapers on the edges of the tablet. This change makes the new tablet slightly smaller around the edges, which means less bezel for the users to contend with when using the tablet (or to grip while handling it).Coupled with rumors surrounding Apple’s intention to include the new TouchID fingerprint sensor and color variants to their tablet lineup, a clear picture of Apple’s impending iPad 5 announcement appears. This next generation of devices from Apple unifies their hardware profiles into a single cohesive experience, which should make any Apple fan happy.There is not date announced or even rumored for the iPad 5 reveal yet but we expect to hear something in the coming weeks, possibly some time in October.last_img read more

Bishop says new maternity hospital should obey rules of Catholic Church

first_img Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 40,320 Views Simon Harris looking at a model of St Vincent’s University Hospital and how the new building will fit into the existing complex Source: Sam Boal/RollingNews.ieTHE BISHOP OF Elphin has said the Sisters of Charity will have to obey the rules of the Catholic Church if they become the owners of the new national maternity hospital.There has been growing controversy about the issue in recent days, with many people expressing concern about what impact the religious order owning the hospital could have on how it is run.In a statement to the Sunday Times, Bishop Kevin Doran said: “Any healthcare organisation bearing the name Catholic, while offering care to all who need it, has a special responsibility … to Catholic teachings about the value of human life and the dignity and the ultimate destiny of the human person.”Health Minister Simon Harris has insisted the hospital will be independently run despite being under the ownership of the order, which owns the land at St Vincent’s Hospital in Dublin 4 where the new hospital is set to be built.On foot of the scrutiny, St Vincent’s Healthcare Group, of whom the Sisters of Charity are a major shareholder, said on Friday it would review the status of the current plans. Colm Brophy Source: The Week in Politics/TwitterSpeaking about Doran’s comments, Fine Gael TD Colm Brophy told RTÉ’s The Week in Politics: “The comment of somebody asked to clarify what a position is or whatever does not in my opinion override the very clear legal agreement, including the establishment of that memorandum of understanding to run the hospital which has been put in place which gives the safeguards which we wanted and need to have for a modern, 21st century hospital.”Details of the agreement were published in the Sunday Independent today. The report notes that a clause in the deal protects the hospital’s clinical services from “religions, ethnic or other discrimination”.During the week, the former master of Holles Street national maternity hospital Dr Peter Boylan questioned if the Sisters of Charity would allow certain procedures to be performed at the new hospital, such as abortion, sterilisation, gender reassignment surgery and IVF.In response to this, the current Holles Street master Dr Rhona Mahony told RTÉ: “There is a triple lock in place to guarantee absolute autonomy and independence of the clinical services we deliver.”Newspaper leak Also on The Week in Politics, Labour Senator Aodhán Ó Ríordáin accused Harris of leaking the agreement to the Sunday Independent. You have a minister that makes a deal in secret, doesn’t bring it to Cabinet and then, rather than coming on a show like this, on which you’d expect to have some comment from a senior government minister, leaks it to a Sunday newspaper … How else would a Sunday newspaper get the deal?“The deal should be in front of Cabinet, they say they haven’t see it. The independent ministers say they haven’t seen it. It should be in front of the Oireachtas, it should be in front of the health committee.”Brophy accused Ó Ríordáin of playing party politics and said he didn’t think it was worth replying to his claim Harris had leaked the information.‘Lost in the Ring of Kerry’ On the same programme, Fianna Fáil TD James Lawless said the whole situation “reminds me of the tourist that gets lost in the Ring Of Kerry and asks a local for directions and the answer is ‘Well, I wouldn’t start from here’.”Lawless said people are “really irked” by the deal, noting that a complex property structure “between public and private ownership, between the State and Church” goes back decades if not centuries.How did we get into this mess? How did the Minister for Health, how did the Taoiseach on behalf of government sign off on this six months ago? Did they not anticipate these kind of problems?Speaking at the Irish Medical Organisation AGM in Galway yesterday, Harris called for “cool heads” in the debate, stating that a new national maternity hospital is something “women and infants in this country desperately need”.“I am very committed to this project and I will work with all stakeholders to ensure that we do build this hospital. Yes, it’s complicated, and we must work together to address concerns that some people have expressed,” Harris said.Over 80,000 people have signed a petition to date calling for the Sisters of Charity to not get ownership of the hospital.Read: Accused of being ‘hapless, helpless and hopeless’, Harris wants ‘cool heads’ on maternity hospitalRead: ‘I really thought we were beyond this point’: Protest to be held tomorrow on new maternity hospital 163 Comments Sunday 23 Apr 2017, 2:29 PMcenter_img Bishop says new maternity hospital should obey rules of Catholic Church Health Minister Simon Harris has insisted the hospital will be independently run. By Órla Ryan Short URL Share Tweet Email2 Apr 23rd 2017, 2:29 PM last_img read more

Bank results take beating from debt haircut

first_imgEurobank will need 5.8 billion euros and Piraeus Bank another 7.3 billion in the context of the planned recapitalization to satisfy their capital requirements, the two banks announced on Thursday upon publishing their nine-month results. The above amounts include all the requirements of the Bank of Greece and what the BlackRock audit into the banks’ needs showed last year. The major blow from the private sector involvement (PSI) in the Greek debt restructuring, the great increase in provisions due to the deterioration of financial conditions and the reduction in revenues have led to an increase in losses for both lenders in the first nine months of the year. At end-September Eurobank showed losses of 1.095 billion euros, against losses of 575 million euros in the same period last year, while Piraeus showed losses of 1.253 billion euros in the January-September period against losses of 874 in the first half of this year. The deterioration of financial conditions due to the major uncertainty and the political instability left little room for maneuver: Eurobank’s total operating revenues were reduced by 24.7 percent, while provisions for nonperforming loans (NPLs) amounted to 1.2 billion euros, up by 23.3 percent on a yearly basis. Bad loans accounted for 21.3 percent of all loans in Eurobank’s portfolio. Piraeus took its provisions to 1.4 billion euros, while the bank’s results were burdened further by 300 million euros due to the Greek state bonds, wiping out the profits before tax and provisions that had amounted to 513 million euros. NPLs amounted to 18 percent of all Piraeus Bank loans. Attica Bank registered nine-month losses of 108 million euros, but retained its positive net position despite the huge provisions of 351.2 million euros, up 36.8 percent on last year. Finally, Geniki Bank showed losses of 88.8 million euros in the year to September, but operational costs declined by 10.6 percent year-on-year. National and Alpha are set to announce their nine-month results on Friday. Late on Thursday, international agency Standard & Poor’s announced that despite upgrading Greece’s credit rating to B- this week, it maintains the rating for the country’s biggest banks at CCC, considering that they continue to face huge challenges. Source: Kathimerini Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Geek Plays Dragon Ball FighterZ on Nintendo Switch

first_img Geek Plays: Call of Duty Black Ops IIIIGeek Plays: Nintendo Switch Online NES Games Have you ever thought to yourself, “I sure do love reading’s thoughts on the latest video games but is there a way I could watch them play the latest video games?” Well you’re in luck!Every Friday afternoon the charming folks here at stream ourselves playing the newest and coolest video games live for your enjoyment, fielding audience questions and making bad jokes. You should tune in live, but if you can’t, you can now enjoy this handy archived version.This week, we’re playing Dragon Ball FighterZ. 2018’s hottest Goku-on-Goku fighting game is coming soon to the Nintendo Switch. Watch us test the online beta and gather some shiny Dragon Balls.AdChoices广告Subscribe and watch’s live Let’s Plays every Friday at 3PM EST over on Facebook and Twitch.TV!Want to catch up with past Geek Plays? Watch our shows for No Man’s Sky NEXT and Octopath Traveler.Purchase Dragon Ball FighterZLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on targetlast_img read more

Fallen Marine to be honored at memorial

first_imgThe sacrifice of Marine Lance Cpl. Cedric E. Bruns, who died in a 2003 crash in Kuwait, will be honored Thursday.The ceremony, to be held on the 16th anniversary of Bruns’ death, will be at the Clark County War Memorial at Vancouver Barracks.Bruns died when his Humvee collided with another vehicle May 9, 2003. He was the first hometown soldier to die following the start of the Iraq War.The Community Military Appreciation Committee is asking the Patriot Guard Riders and community members to stand in remembrance during Thursday’s ceremony.Family and guest arrival will be at 11:30 a.m., followed by the “Never to be Forgotten” ceremony at noon. The remembrance ceremony is scheduled to conclude at 12:30 p.m.The Clark County War Memorial is at Fort Vancouver Way and McClellan Drive at the Fort Vancouver National Site.last_img read more

JAMAICA New Members of Parliament sworn in

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#Jamaica, November 9, 2017 – Kingston – The three newly elected Members of Parliament (MPs) were sworn in today (November 7) during the sitting of the House of Representatives.They are Member of Parliament for St. Mary South Eastern, Dr. Norman Dunn; Member of Parliament for St. Andrew Southern, Mark Golding; and Member of Parliament for St. Andrew South Western, Dr. Angela Brown Burke.After taking the Oath of Office, the MPs were welcomed by Prime Minister the Most Hon. Andrew Holness, as well as other Members of Parliament on both sides of the House.The members were sworn in after victories in the recently held by-elections on October 30. This followed the retirement of the Most Hon. Mrs. Portia Simpson Miller and Dr. Omar Davies from representational politics. The seat for St. Mary South Eastern was left vacant following the death of Dr. Winston Green in August.As a result of the by-elections, the ruling Jamaica Labour Party now has a 33-30 majority in the Lower House.Release: JIS Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more