Premier Appoints new Minister of Environment

first_imgPremier Stephen McNeil announced today, Jan. 12, the appointment of Hants East MLA Margaret Miller as Minister of Environment. “I am pleased to welcome Margaret into Executive Council,” said Premier McNeil. “She is extremely capable and I look forward to having her as part of the leadership team as we continue to focus on the things that matter to Nova Scotians, like health care and education, while creating the conditions for businesses to thrive and grow the economy.” Ms. Miller was first elected to the legislature in 2013. She has served as deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly. She has worked in agriculture, forestry and small business and served as national president of MADD Canada. A new deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly will be appointed in the near future.last_img read more

UN envoy urges end to Israeli flights over Lebanese airspace Hizbollah antiaircraft

Staffan de Mistura, the Personal Representative of Secretary-General Kofi Annan for Southern Lebanon, called on the Israeli authorities to stop the air violations of the so-called Blue Line and Hizbollah to end its “ensuing and dangerous” anti-aircraft fire.In a statement released in Beirut, he reminded all parties of their obligation “to refrain from all violations of the Blue Line in accordance with the relevant Security Council resolutions.”

On World Tuna Day UN cites importance of sustainably managed fish stocks

In a statement, General Assembly President Peter Thomson notes that nearly two-thirds of the tuna found in restaurants and supermarkets around the world comes from the Pacific Ocean, hence the Pacific small island development States, as well as the least developed countries (LDCs) playing an active role on the designation of the World Day.Today’s celebration comes one month ahead of The Ocean Conference, to be held from 5 to 9 June 2017 at UN Headquarters, “and is a good opportunity to highlight the importance of reversing the decline in the health of the Ocean to ensure sustainable management of marine life, such as tuna, that we are so dependent on.” In the latest publication of the The State World Fisheries and Aquaculture, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) notes there is a need for effective management to restore the overfished stocks including tuna. In the 2016 report, FAO registered new record catches for tuna. Total catches of tuna and tuna like species were almost 7.7 million metric tonnes. FAO notices that market demand for tuna is still high, and that the significant overcapacity of tuna fishing fleets remains. Addressing the decline in tuna stocks resulting from overfishing in the world’s oceans, the UN Legal Counsel emphasizes the critical importance of effectively implementing the international legal framework, as reflected in the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, widely known as UNCLOS, which has been strengthened by the UN Fish Stocks Agreement, recommendations of its Review Conference, annual General Assembly resolutions on sustainable fisheries, as well as other efforts by the international community at the global, regional and national levels. Economic and social benefits of sustainably managed tuna stocksAbout 25 per cent of the world’s supply of tuna is controlled by the Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA), UNEP reports. The parties, eight States in Oceania, agreed to scheme to sell a limited number of fishing days. According to UNEP this has advanced the sustainable management of tuna and has also doubled their revenue.Additionally, UNEP reports, 14 Pacific island countries have improved monitoring, reporting and enforcement by putting in place a regional fishing register, and a vessel monitoring system that tracks fishing vessels around the clock.Fisheries sustainability and seafood guidelinesFAO Fisheries defines two approaches to define the sustainability of fisheries production. The first one measures the state of the system: Are fish abundant?Is nutrition good? and Are incomes from fishing allowing families to prosper?The second one looks at the management of the system:Does the management system change management actions as the state of the system changes?If stocks decline, can the management system reduce fishing pressure and allow recovery? andIf incomes are poor, can management actions increase incomes? FAO estimates that about one third of the world’s seven major tuna species are currently overexploited. Photo: FAO/A. Urcelayeta Marking the first World Tuna Day with a call protect precious tuna resources and their surrounding ecosystems, the UN Legal Counsel today strongly urges long-term conservation and sustainable use of those resources, important for global achievement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. According to the UN, more than 80 States currently have tuna fisheries while thousands of tuna fishing vessels operate in all the oceans. In the Indian and Pacific Oceans, tuna fishery capacity is still growing.Designation of the World Day underlines the importance of conservation management to ensure that systems are in place to prevent tuna stocks from crashing, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) says. Many countries depend heavily on tuna resources for food security and nutrition, economic development, employment, government revenue, livelihoods, culture and recreation. Two main products drive tuna production; traditional canned tuna and sashimi/sushi. read more

Planned teachers strike expected to begin today

Berbice teachers stood united during the meeting with the Guyana Teachers Union on FridayOutlining that Government has made “no genuine effort to bring relief to the teachers,” the Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) in a statement on Sunday made the call for all, including civil society and the business community, to be in solidarity with the nation’s teachers as they seek improved working conditions.The teachers are likely to take part in a nationwide strike beginning Monday.“The struggle of the teachers for a living wage and the importance of sustaining themselves to perform require having their needs met and these can only be addressed at the negotiation table. Teachers are seeking an agreement with the employer, the Government of Guyana, after the last four-year agreement signed with the PPP/C Government expired in 2015,” the GTUC reminded.The Union expressed its dismay over Government’s non-implementation of the Task Force’s Report which recommended salary increases of 40 per cent.The GTUC said it is also perturbed by recent suggestions by Government that it would  employ substitutes should teachers proceed on strike.The body feels Government should address the “lingering” grievances, having observed that strike action is consistent with the Collective Labour Agreement and Article 147 (2) of the Guyana Constitution. The body remarked that teachers should be able to function in an environment where learning will benefit the students.“Teachers are the backbone of a country’s development. Their role is multifaceted and not confined to solely teaching and marking papers. Teachers also act as parents, mentors, custodians, counsellors, providers (meals, school supplies, etc) and a shoulder to cry on, even as they have to meet their families’ psychosocial and economic needs,” GTUC outlined.The GTUC says failure to arrive at resolution could result in the nation’s children suffering.“We owe it to our children to enjoy a good environment of education. Where the teachers are happy, they will be more productive. It is our nation’s children that are at risk when the education system is adversely affected. When our children suffer, we suffer, the community suffers, and the nation suffers,” it noted.The Union body called on the Government to “come to the bargaining table in good faith and address the teachers’ grievance. Three years is a long time.”GTU President, Mark LyteMeanwhile, GTU President Mark Lyte recently noted that the Union has established measures in place to provide some relief for teachers who will be on strike on Monday; one week from the September 3 opening. However, he says it will not be full compensation as the Union was initially thinking of doing.Heads and other teachers are expected to be in school all week to prepare for the new school year.“The relief that we were going to give was not to give teachers a top up; we were going to pay them for the days they lost, so when teachers collected their salaries with the deductions, the Union was expected to pick up the difference and the Union hadn’t the capacity to do so. So I am declaring that the Union does not have the capacity to do so; so teachers have got to be prepared to make a sacrifice. However, I have gotten a commitment from some business entities that they will assist with food stuff and so on should the strike prolong,” Lyte told teachers in Berbice on Friday.Lyte had however noted that it is not written in stone that no monetary contribution will be made to the teachers who go in strike.One of the main activities slated to be happening during this week is orientation for new students at all schools. If the teachers go on strike, that process might have to be shelved at all schools.A second round of conciliation talks is scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday) at 14:00h between the GTU and the Education Ministry. This follows last Friday’s meeting which saw the absence of the union. The Education Ministry applied for conciliation to the Social Protection Ministry’s Department of Labour.The GTU outrightly rejected Government’s request for teachers to agree to a debunching payoff of $200 million for 2018/19 and the $700 million cap that was placed on salary increases which was for 2018 only. The Union is seeking 40 per cent salary increases for its 7000 members. School is scheduled to reopen on September 3. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedGTUC says Minister should apologise for his actionsSeptember 27, 2018In “latest news”Specialist to be hired to determine GTU salary increasesAugust 14, 2018In “latest news”Teachers’ salary increase: Agreement between GTU, Education Ministry signedOctober 24, 2018In “latest news” read more

Cape Lambert iron ore upgrade recognised for engineering excellence

first_imgRio Tinto’s A$1.1 billion Cape Lambert Upgrade project has won a High Commendation from Engineers Australia, WA Division, at the 2010 Engineering Excellence Awards in the Resource Development Category. Sinclair Knight Merz (SKM) was the EPCM contractor for the project, which involved the expansion of Rio Tinto’s Cape Lambert port facility to increase iron ore shipping capacity from 55 to 80 Mt/y.The project included a stockyard expansion, 256 m extension to the ore wharf and new shiploader to create four shipping berths. This upgrade took Rio Tinto’s iron ore shipping capacity from the Pilbara region to 220 Mt/y.SKM’s General Manager, Mining and Metals, Santo Rizzuto, said that, in delivering the project, SKM used innovative modularised designs for the stockyard and wharf construction. “The use of modularisation had a significant impact on scheduling, cost and safety,” Rizzuto said. “Not only was the project delivered three months ahead of schedule and under budget, it also had an outstanding safety record. Approximately four million man hours were worked on the project, during which time one million man hours LTI free was achieved in two separate periods.”The Cape Lambert Upgrade project was implemented whilst the port remained fully operational and continued to ship record tonnages of iron ore throughout the project duration. This achievement required significant upfront planning and sequencing of construction activities to support the operation of the port.The project established new benchmarks in engineering design and construction, which have since been adopted for new iron ore port facilities currently in planning phases.In recognising the completion of the project, David Joyce, Managing Director Rio Tinto Iron Ore Expansion Projects, said that the combined efforts of both the SKM and Rio Tinto personnel were the main factors behind the project’s great success.last_img read more

Drägers aim is to continuously improve safety equipment for miners

first_imgDräger’s is continuously improving safety standards by providing its customers with intelligent products and solutions. It says its “services and safety equipment unite many years of experience with visionary thinking.”The detection of invisible hazards is one key competency. Dräger’s portable gas detectors are reliable, robust and easy to use. The new personal protection device Dräger X-am 5600, with a dual infrared LEL and carbon dioxide sensor, can detect up to six gases and is therefore ideal for coal mining environments. The extremely large measurement spectrum of the CO-HC sensor, ranging from 0-10,000 ppm, offers ultimate reliability for the continuous monitoring of carbon monoxide levels.The pioneering DrägerSensor technology provides a new level of safety in terms of response times and long-term stability. The X-zone 5000 transforms the Dräger personal gas detection instrument X-am 5000/5600 into an innovative area monitoring device: a patented combination for increased safety. The zone 0-approved instruments can be positioned wherever gas hazards are expected. Up to 25 X-zone 5000 can be automatically interconnected to form a wireless fence line.This interconnection allows fast securing of larger areas such as those in mines. In the event of a gas alarm, the X-zone 5000 transmits the alarm signal to all connected units, which then trigger a subsidiary alarm, ensuring fast and easy recognition of the situation and making swift action possible.Even the best safety precautions cannot prevent situations in which air becomes unfit to breathe. Dräger oxygen self-rescuers are among the most commonly used escape apparatus in the mining industry. The brand-new Oxy 6000 features the innovative ‘Safety Eye’, “so far the only device of its kind on the market,” the company says, to provide the wearer with immediate confirmation of operational readiness. This clear status window permits daily checking for the presence of moisture and yellow KO2 particles within the device. Specially developed for emergency situations, the Oxy 6000 immediately supplies the wearer with oxygen for up to 60 minutes after it has been put on. This compact device is robust and reliable and tailored to the needs of mining.Maintenance-free for ten years in storage, it is also a cost-effective investment as a part of Dräger customers’ escape and rescue plans. Working together with wearers of breathing equipment, Dräger has adapted the tried and tested Dräger PSS BG 4 to reflect customers’ practical experience. Numerous optimisations have increased its durability and safety and further improved the serviceability of this closed-circuit breathing apparatus. The latest version is Dräger PSS BG 4 plus. This supplies breathable air for up to four hours.last_img read more

Diary of a First Time Dad Sleeping with one eye open

first_imgI ALWAYS RECALL my mother being a remarkably light sleeper. If you ever crept into her room with a question, request or complaint [to the management], she would respond to your whisper by opening her eyes and springing from the bed. “I’m up!”My mum has five children — all fully grown — but I am now experiencing that troposphere of uneasy sleep that comes with being a parent. Our one and only daughter, Caitlin, has just come through her first bout of the sniffles but the circus noises coming from her Moses basket had us on edge for a few fitful nights.Myself and Cat, my wife, have surged past the three-month mark and Caitlin is doing amazingly well. Friends, relatives and strangers remark on how good [hassle-free] a child she is but Caitlin must take most of the credit for that. We’re still learning as we go.Our daughter was born on a Wednesday evening and each and every that Wednesday that passed found us going for a stroll with the pram, reassuring each other ‘two weeks’, ‘four weeks’, etc. We’ve stopped counting time now, aware that we’re in for the long, crazy haul.I read the superb column from Andrea Mara — ‘Five things I swore I’d never do if I had kids…’ — this week and can identify with the stories on cloistering the first-born. With each passing day, however, we are becoming ourselves again, chilling out and taking time out to enjoy our rapidly growing child. Night-time feeds often consisted of the two of us springing up and going through a three-act production to get Caitlin fed. Sorbet, silver service and napkins. She is starting to sleep through the night now, probably wondering where the 4am costume changes and strolls around the kitchen have gone.The first six weeks were a blur as we set up Baby HQ in the sitting room. Once every few days we would get caught without a kettle-ful of boiled, sterilised water. Boiling water just to cool it down, all amid a tumult of yelps and tears. Insanity. Jiggling Caitlin on my knees for hours when all she wanted to do was sleep. The nappy changes that saw us go through three vests and four baby-grows after pukes, pee and poo. The sound of Cat laughing upstairs as I slumped on my knees, yelling ‘Noooooo. Not again! Why? Why?’Caitlin gets stuck into her new soother. Pic: Patrick McCarryIt is amazing how quickly you get used to have a child in your midst. We have evolved from high-fiving each other in the middle of the night because she pooed to raising a lazy eyebrow as she rolls from her back to her belly. It takes a lot to impress us now!The soother made an appearance after about seven weeks but, we assured each other, it was just to help her sleep at bed-time. Caitlin now owns four soothers and each one gets a fair crack.We both crashed, within 48 hours of each other, around the six-week mark. The change in lifestyle, sleeping habits, constant state of hyper-awareness and general fatigue caught up with us.  We recovered in time for Christmas and Caitlin had her first visit from Santa, who must have assumed she liked toy bunnies.The best days for father-daughter bonding have been when Cat gets a few hours out of the house. She headed off to London on an overnight last week and I got to fully experience the sun-rise to sun-set job of caring for the little Miss. I’m taking responsibility, too, for her 1980s general knowledge and have her watching episodes of Magnum P.I and North and South [the Patrick Swayze tour-de-force] during feeds. YouTube credit: cmtecarvalhoCaitlin was christened a couple of weeks ago and we had a fantastic day and evening with friends and family. The church, in Sallins, was within walking distance and husband and wife headed over, arm-in-arm. We reflected that this was, by far, the most grown-up event of our lives. Neither of us spoke for several moments before Cat asked, “Where’s Caitlin?” “I dunno,” I replied. “With your grandparents, I think.”We are 107 days into parenthood and I already have a moment that will be hard to beat. A few days before Christmas, myself and Cat, with Caitlin lying in between us, lay back in the spare bedroom to watch A River Runs Through It on the projector screen. Cat would have readily swapped me for the fly-fishing Brad Pitt but I wouldn’t change the evening for anything in the world.@patmccarry is sports reporter and rugby correspondent for Playwright of shows that have appeared at Vicar Street, Electric Picnic, Bulmers Comedy Festival and New Zealand Comedy Festival. He is a Dubliner, living in Kildare. Happily married for 18 months and counting.Diary of a First Time Dad: We’ve got company!Column: Five things I swore I’d never do if I had kids…last_img read more

Basketball quand les mathématiques disent aux joueurs quand tirer

first_imgBasketball : quand les mathématiques disent aux joueurs quand tirerSelon des chercheurs américains, les joueurs de basketball hésiteraient bien trop souvent à lancer le ballon dans la panier. Ces scientifiques ont développé un modèle mathématique qui indiquerait aux joueurs le moment optimal pour tirer. Passer le ballon ou shooter ? Voilà un choix auquel sont perpétuellement confrontés les joueurs de basketball pendant les matchs. Mais, défenseurs sur le chemin ou coéquipiers mal placés, la décision est souvent loin d’être facile à prendre. Un problème qui a suscité toute l’attention de chercheurs de l’université du Minnesota aux Etats-Unis qui publient aujourd’hui leurs travaux dans la revue PLoS One. Au cours de ces recherches, le physicien Brian Skinner et ses collègues sont en effet parvenus à concevoir un modèle mathématique pour solutionner la question. Celui-ci indique ainsi que les joueurs de basket hésiteraient bien trop souvent à tirer, préférant attendre une opportunité de qualité.  “Les décisions stratégiques en basketball sont depuis longtemps basées sur l’intuition de l’entraineur ou des joueurs, mais alors que le jeu fait de plus en plus l’objet d’analyses quantitatives avancées, il est devenu clair que beaucoup de ces idées intuitives et conventionnelles sont malavisées et peu optimales”, écrit le Dr Brian Skinner, lui même fan de l’équipe de NBA des Minnesota Timberwolves. Toutefois, le modèle développé par les chercheurs est loin d’être évident. Dans un email adressé à l’Huffington Post, Brian Skinner explique l’approche optimale : “Le principe est de dériver la fonction f(t) qui fournit une “limite inférieure optimale” pour la qualité du tir quand il reste exactement ‘t’ secondes au chronomètre. Donc, quand une opportunité de tir surgit à ‘t’ secondes restant à l’horloge, le joueur hypothétique dit évaluer dans sa tête si le tir va produire en moyenne plus de f(t) points. Si la réponse est oui, alors le joueur peut lancer le ballon. Sinon, ce joueur doit abandonner le tir et attendre que l’équipe ait une autre opportunité”. Plus concrètement, l’étude a montré que la qualité des tirs diminuait au fur et à mesure que s’écoulaient les 24 secondes dont disposent les joueurs pour attaquer le panier. Le sport, un “terrain de jeu” pour les mathématiquesÀ lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Mais si cette approche semble déjà compliquée couchée sur le papier, elle parait encore plus difficile à appliquer pour les joueurs sur le terrain en plein match. Conscient du problème, Brian Skinner ajoute : “Les joueurs peuvent regarder les statistiques après le match, et en comparant les décisions de tir à celles théoriquement optimales, ils peuvent évaluer à quel point leur sélection de tir est juste”. A titre d’exemple, le chercheur évoque le cas d’Al Jefferson, joueur dans l’équipe de NBA des Utah Jazz : Jefferson “a la terrible habitude de toujours attendre la dernière minute avant de tirer”. Pourtant, d’après le chercheur, celui-ci pourrait éventuellement parvenir à réaliser le tir qu’il souhaite au moment optimal… “Plus généralement, la question du comportement optimal en sport continue de fournir un terrain de jeu intéressant, original et parfaitement applicable pour les mathématiques et la mécanique statistique”, précise encore le physicien. Le 29 janvier 2012 à 14:53 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

MTS to open red lanes for buses only

first_img December 21, 2018 MTS to open red lanes for buses only 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI)- You’ll soon see bright red lines on state route 15, letting you know those are “Bus Only” lanes. Officials from Caltrans and MTS are featuring the new red paint to educate the public that these specific lanes are not for everyday use.It is one of several safety features intended to keep passenger and commercial Posted: December 21, 2018 KUSI Newsroom Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter KUSI Newsroom, last_img read more

Garage fire damages east Vancouver home

first_imgA garage fire caused by improperly discarded fireplace ashes did $50,000 damage to a home in east Vancouver early Saturday afternoon, according to the Vancouver Fire Department.The fire at 14107 S.E. 12th St. was reported by neighbors at 2:09 p.m. after they saw smoke coming from the eaves of the house, said firefighter-paramedic Kevin Stromberg.Fire crews found no one at home when they arrived but saw smoke and fire in the garage, made entry and were able to keep the fire from spreading, Stromberg said.The fire was brought under control at 2:25 p.m. A total of 13 firefighters were on scene, incuding an engine company from Camas, Stromberg said.Investigators said the fire originated in hot fireplace ashes that had been placed in a flammable container in the garage. Stronberg said ashes need ample time to cool and should be placed in a nonflammable metal container.The house is owned by Shirlene Capuchino of Fresno, Calif., according to county property records.last_img read more

The Fall Fashion Contenders WeighIn

first_imgSeptember has long been a big month for fashion and beauty magazines. And while times have changed, September still carries a lot of weight for fashion brands. We aren’t talking about what’s inside these books, just their physical attributes. And below are the stats on each magazine’s postage weight and spine thickness. You can draw further conclusions on your own. Because trim sizes and paper stock are not uniform, we combined weight and spine thickness measurements to create an overall score to even the playing field. Each magazine was weighed on two scales — one digital and one analogue — to confirm accuracy. Weights were then rounded to the nearest ounce. Additionally, each spine was measured in the middle of the book and rounded to the nearest millimeter. But how much weight exactly? Well, we decided to find out by putting 10 of the most notable fashion and beauty magazines on a scale. In fashion, bigger isn’t usually better, but for the September issue, size and weight matter. Together, they create a literal “thud factor.” Vogue takes this year’s crown with a weight of 64 ounces and 25 millimeters in thickness, for a total score of 89. Harper’s Bazaar is a reasonably close second with a total score of 75. After that, the middle of the pack becomes a close contest. Allure (18), at the bottom of the pack, is known as a beauty title. However, it promotes Fall fashion on its covers, so we included it in the weigh-in. The Methodology The Results Together, the 10 magazines weigh in at just over 20 pounds and the stack is 5.5 inches thick. So we don’t suggest stuffing them all in your tote bag on the way to the beach.last_img read more

Trump Kim to hold second summit in late February

first_imgUS Secretary of State Mike Pompeo poses with Vice Chairman of the North Korean Workers` Party Committee Kim Yong Chol, North Korea`s lead negotiator in nuclear diplomacy with the United States, for talks aimed at clearing the way for a second US-North Korea summit as they meet at a hotel in Washington, US, on 18 January 2019. Photo: ReutersUS president Donald Trump will hold a second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in late February but will maintain economic sanctions on Pyongyang, the White House said on Friday after Trump met Pyongyang’s top nuclear negotiator.The announcement came amid a diplomatic flurry in Washington surrounding the visit of Kim Yong Chol, a hardline former spy chief, and marked a sign of movement in a denuclearisation effort that has stalled since a landmark meeting between Trump and the North Korean leader in Singapore on 12 June.”President Donald J Trump met with Kim Yong Chol for an hour and a half to discuss denuclearisation and a second summit, which will take place near the end of February,” White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said. She said a location would be announced later.The summit was announced even though there has been no indication of any narrowing of differences over US demands that North Korea abandon a nuclear weapons programme that threatens the United States and Pyongyang’s demands for a lifting of punishing sanctions.Sanders said that Trump’s talks with the North Korean envoy were productive but added that the United States “is going to continue to keep pressure and sanctions on North Korea.”South Korea’s presidential office said it expected the upcoming summit to be a “turning point to lay the firm foundation for lasting peace on the Korean peninsula.”South Korea will work with the United States and other countries to “achieve concrete and practical results towards complete denuclearisation and a lasting peace regime through the North Korea-US summit…,” presidential spokesman Kim Eui-kyeom said in a statement on Saturday.South Korea will also expand inter-Korean dialogue to help a successful meeting between Trump and Kim, he added.The first summit produced a vague commitment by Kim Jong Un to work towards the denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula, but he has yet to take what Washington sees as concrete steps in that direction.Nevertheless, both he and Trump had expressed an interest in arranging a second meeting, something some US-based analysts see as premature.Critics of US efforts say the first summit only boosted Kim’s international stature without much to show for it, and some believe Trump may see a second meeting as a way of distracting from his domestic troubles.Trump declared just after the Singapore meeting that the nuclear threat posed by North Korea was over. But hours before Kim Yong Chol’s arrival on Thursday, the US president unveiled a revamped US missile defence strategy that singled out the country as an ongoing and “extraordinary threat.”Harry Kazianis, an analyst at the conservative Washington-based Centre for the National Interest, called the agreement to hold another summit positive. But he added: “Both nations must now show at least some tangible benefits from their diplomatic efforts during a second summit, or risk their efforts being panned as nothing more than reality TV.”Communist-ruled Vietnam, which has good relations with both the United States and North Korea, has been widely touted as the most likely site of the next summit. There has also been speculation about other possible venues, including Bangkok, Hawaii, or a return to Singapore.Trump seeking ‘win’? A senior US administration official said there was an exchange of letters for the leaders during the White House meeting, but gave no details of their content.On his last visit to Washington in June, Kim Yong Chol delivered a letter from Kim Jong Un to Trump that helped overcome obstacles ahead of the summit in Singapore.Kim Yong Chol, regarded as a member of Kim Jong Un’s inner circle, also had talks with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and US special representative on North Korea, Stephen Biegun.A State Department statement said that after Pompeo and Kim met, the two sides had “a productive first meeting at the working level”, and that Biegun would travel to Sweden at the weekend to attend an international conference.The conference is also being attended by North Korean vice foreign minister Choe Son Hui. Washington has been keen to set up talks between Biegun and Choe but North Korea has resisted, apparently wanting to keep exchanges high-level.South Korea’s nuclear negotiator, Lee Do-hoon, also would attend the conference, the country’s foreign ministry said, although it gave no indication of whether he would meet with Choe and Biegun.US-based analysts said that North Korea, which has developed missiles and nuclear weapons in defiance of UN Security Council resolutions, would likely be seeking a clearer message from the Trump administration on any concessions it may be willing to make.”The North Koreans need a real indication of what the US is willing to put on the table,” said Jenny Town, a North Korea expert at 38 North, a Washington-based think tank.South Korean foreign minister Kang Kyung-wha said on Wednesday that if North Korea took concrete steps toward abandoning its weapons programs, Washington could offer a formal end to the 1950-53 Korean War, humanitarian aid or a permanent channel for bilateral dialogue.Victor Cha, a former White House adviser on Asia under President George W Bush, suggested that Trump may be so desperate for a policy “win” that he could be vulnerable to a bad deal with North Korea.”I worry that the timing works to North Korea’s benefit,” Cha said, citing pressures on Trump such as the partial US government shutdown and the ongoing investigation into alleged Russian ties to Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.Earlier this month, Trump defended the stuttering progress on North Korea by saying that Pyongyang had stopped missile and bomb testing and if it had not been for his administration “you’d be having a nice big fat war in Asia.”last_img

Latest Pokémon Go Update Makes it Possible to Have Themed Gyms

first_imgStay on target Mint-Condition Set of Pokemon Cards Sold For $107KNew Trailer ‘Pokemon Sword and Shield’ Reveals Team Yell Punks Probably the coolest #PokemonGo Gym ever.— SUK (@SUKnives) June 25, 2017Kotaku notes that some players aren’t happy with this new update. Their main grievances are that gym defenders must be defeated multiple times to be knocked out, and that Pokémon could potentially be stuck at a gym for days if they are continually fed berries. Those are certainly valid points, but if the update now makes it possible to have themed gyms — you know, like they do in the main Pokémon games — then these minor headaches are tolerable.This time last year, Pokémon Go was the hottest thing around. Nowadays, it is barely spoken of — though it still has a good deal of people playing it. Updates like this certainly keep the mobile game relevant. Pokémon Go isn’t going anywhere, so expect Niantic to keep releasing minor and major updates to it for the foreseeable future.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. @OMGitsAliA an eevee and the evolution gym— Melissa Alvarez (@Melissa7284) June 23, 2017 Last week, Pokémon Go received a huge update that overhauled gyms. Thanks to the update, gym owners could feed their Pokémon berries to keep them motivated. Conversely, rivals could chip away motivation with repeated attacks. This update certainly gave new life to the once-popular title, but it also allowed for something unexpected (and awesome) — themed gyms.As pointed out by Kotaku, prior to this update, Pokémon gyms would be defended by armies of top-tier pocket monsters. Now, because of the “motivation” mechanic, even low-tier Pokémon can successfully defend gyms. Since high-level Pokémon are no longer required to defend one’s gym, players are free to have lower-tier Pokémon as defenders. This makes it possible to have gyms filled with specific types of monsters.Folks around the internet have posted some of their themed gyms on social media. The most popular type of themed gyms are ones composed of Eevee Pokémon. There are other evolution-type gyms, and even baby Pokemon gyms. You can see some of these themed gyms below.AdChoices广告Epic Gym! Im usually a lone #teaminstinct player, so I drop off my Espeon @ my local gym and come by to find epic backup #Eevee #pokemongo— Richie De La Garza (@Richier00tS) June 25, 2017last_img read more

New halfmeter record for quantum superposition at macroscopic level

first_img Scientists entangling quantum particles and even whole atoms have been in the news a lot over the past couple of years, conducting experiments with the goal of attempting to better understand the strange phenomenon—and much has been learned. But as scientists figure out how to entangle two particles at ever-greater distances, there are questions about the size of objects that can be entangled. Schrödinger’s cat has come up in several such discussions as theorists and those in the applied fields seek to determine if it might be possible to cause a whole cat to occupy two places at once. In this new work, the team at Stanford has, perhaps, muddied the water even more, as they have extended the record for supposition from a mere one centimeter to just over a half-meter.They did it by creating a Bose-Einstein condensate cloud of 10,000 rubidium atoms inside of a super-chilled chamber, all initially in the same state. Next, the used lasers to push the cloud up into the 10-meter-high chamber, which also caused the atoms to enter one or the other of a given state. As the cloud reached the top of the chamber, the researchers noted that the wave function was a half-and-half mixture of the given states and represented positions that were 54 centimeters apart. When the cloud was allowed to fall back to the bottom of the chamber, the researchers confirmed that atoms appeared to have fallen from two different heights, proving that the cloud was held in a superposition state.The team acknowledges that while their experiment has led to a new record for superposition at the macroscopic scale, it still was done with individual atoms; thus, it is unclear if superposition will work with macroscopic objects. A team of researchers working at Stanford University has extended the record for quantum superposition at the macroscopic level from one to 54 centimeters. In their paper published in the journal Nature, the team describes the experiment they conducted, their results and also discuss what their findings might mean for researchers looking to find the cut-off point between superposition as it applies to macroscopic objects versus those that only exist at the quantum level. Nature has also published an editorial on the study, describing the experiment and summarizing the results. Citation: New half-meter record for quantum superposition at macroscopic level (2015, December 29) retrieved 18 August 2019 from © 2015 Physicists propose measure of macroscopicity; Schrodinger’s cat scores a 57 This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.center_img Explore further More information: T. Kovachy et al. Quantum superposition at the half-metre scale, Nature (2015). DOI: 10.1038/nature16155AbstractThe quantum superposition principle allows massive particles to be delocalized over distant positions. Though quantum mechanics has proved adept at describing the microscopic world, quantum superposition runs counter to intuitive conceptions of reality and locality when extended to the macroscopic scale1, as exemplified by the thought experiment of Schrödinger’s cat. Matter-wave interferometers, which split and recombine wave packets in order to observe interference, provide a way to probe the superposition principle on macroscopic scales4 and explore the transition to classical physics. In such experiments, large wave-packet separation is impeded by the need for long interaction times and large momentum beam splitters, which cause susceptibility to dephasing and decoherence1. Here we use light-pulse atom interferometry to realize quantum interference with wave packets separated by up to 54 centimetres on a timescale of 1 second. These results push quantum superposition into a new macroscopic regime, demonstrating that quantum superposition remains possible at the distances and timescales of everyday life. The sub-nanokelvin temperatures of the atoms and a compensation of transverse optical forces enable a large separation while maintaining an interference contrast of 28 per cent. In addition to testing the superposition principle in a new regime, large quantum superposition states are vital to exploring gravity with atom interferometers in greater detail. We anticipate that these states could be used to increase sensitivity in tests of the equivalence principle, measure the gravitational Aharonov–Bohm effect, and eventually detect gravitational waves and phase shifts associated with general relativity. Journal information: Nature Fountain interferometer. Credit: Nature (2015). DOI: 10.1038/nature16155last_img read more

Experience the spirit of Tansen

first_imgIf you think that today’s generation is all about rock music and pop culture, then probably you are wrong. Even in today’s time, events like ‘Swami Haridas Tansen Sangeet Nritya Mahotsav’ are being organised, which set an example of ‘traditional music’ being the choice of today’s generation’s. Undoubtedly, being the largest conglomeration of Indian classical music lovers in the country, this grand four-day event represents ‘Our tradition and culture.’ Also Read – Add new books to your shelfThis year, The event has been organised by ‘Bharatiya Sangeet Sadan’ and ‘Sri Ram Centre for Performing Arts’ with the help of HCL at Modern School. The inauguration ceremony took place on January 11 in the presence of Janardan Dwivedi, Dr K K Aggarwal, Dr Suresh K Goyal, Dr Vinay Bharat Ram, Dr Ashok Pratap Singh, and Dr Raj Shekhar Vyas alongwith Dr Uma Sharma, Festival Director. Dr Uma Sharma (Kathak), Parveen Sultana (Vocal) and Bickram Ghosh (Tabla) took the stage to take the audience back to the roots of the music of India in the 18th edition of ‘Swami Haridas Tansen Sangeet Nritya Mahotsav’. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveFirst to perform was Padam Bhushan Dr Uma Sharma, the Kathak maestro. She performed a three sequence dance drama based on the eternal love between Radha and Krishna in Thumri style. In between her sequences, she was describing her act to the audience. Describing the significance of the festival, she said: “Swami Haridas was a puritan: very traditional in his ways. Music, in those, was not, what it is today. She stressed on the traditionality and purity of classical music.” Speaking to Padam Bhushan Parveen Sultana about her experience with this event, she said, “This is a reputed classical musical event being organised for nearly two decades now and I am very pleased to be performing here.” Dr Uma remembered that Tansen Mahotsav used to be hosted in Gwalior when she was a young girl and that she has been performing in the national capital for the last seven-eight years. The second performer, Begum Parveen Sultana is an exponent of the Patiala Gharana of Indian classical form of music. Third, and last to perform for the evening was Bikram Ghosh. A well-known tabla player, known to create magic spells in Indo-fusion genres. Talking about his performance he disclosed that he will be performing ‘Drums of India’ with three other percussionists. This craft, his own, has been performed the World over and very well received by the foreign audience. When asked about, how interested, young audience today is about the classical music scene. “Interestingly, the number is rising, at least, what I have observed, in the last two to three years,” he said. Ghosh believes that the advent of digital space and internet is allowing more youngsters to explore traditional music. The performer believes that classical music provides, depth and emotions unlike popular music of today.last_img read more

VIDEO Jack Nicholson preparing for the Heres Johnny scene in The Shining

first_img Here’s some more behind the scenes with with Stanley Kubrick setting up the bar scene. It’s not as dramatic, but still incredible for movie buffs. The big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s The Shining is one of Stanley Kubrick’s many masterpieces, thanks, in large part, to Jack Nicholson’s terrifying performance as frustrated-writer-turned-psychopath Jack Torrance.One of the most memorable scenes from the classic film is the ‘Here’s Johnny!’ scene where Nicholson breaks down a bathroom door with an axe in an attempt to murder his wife.The scene is scary as hell, but a behind the scenes video of Nicholson getting into character before the cameras roll is equally creepy. This is apparently how the greats get ready to roll. You can’t argue with the results. Advertisementlast_img read more

Large crocodile relocated after wandering urban streets

first_imgThe large crocodile, which measured just over 2.5 meters in length, was secured by environmental officers who were helped by the Tamaulipas fire department and civil protection to round up the wandering reptile. Officers of la Procuraduría Federal de Protección al Ambiente were successful in subduing the swamp crocodile for its containment. After a vet gave the crocodile a clean bill of health, he was relocated and released back into the wild. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas — A large adult crocodile was captured and safely released into the wild in Ciudad Madero after he was seen wandering an urban street. last_img read more

Uber says it will support drivers fined by police in Costa Rica

first_imgUber went live in Costa Rica Friday afternoon but within hours the Public Works and Transport Ministry (MOPT) announced that it had fined two of the ride-hailing service’s drivers, according to a Facebook post from the ministry. As MOPT denounced Uber, it released a statement repudiating any violence against the company’s drivers after photos of a car with smashed windows surfaced on social media in the pre-dawn hours Saturday, reportedly showing a vehicle that was damaged because it was working with Uber.MOPT has called Uber an “illegal public transportation service,” a distinction the company refutes. According to a statement from the ministry, Vice Minister of Transport Sebastián Urbina said that Uber drivers caught by Transit Police would have their vehicles impounded and fined ₡103,544.10—an amount that apparently continues to change—and lose their license plates. Yo no estoy haciendo llamado a los taxis rojos a que identifiquen a choferes de Uber.— Sebastián Urbina (@surbica) August 22, 2015 Saturday, MOPT released a statement decrying “violence in any form against drivers using Uber’s service.” According to the statement, Urbina said:I never incited anyone to violence, nor have I asked the taxi drivers of this country to take actions against drivers that use the Uber platform, nor that they report them to MOPT. I hope that the Prosecutor’s Office acts with all the force of the Law against those responsible for this vandalism that occurred this morning.Despite the cold shoulder from the government, Uber reported a warm welcome from users. Paniagua said that 4,500 new users signed up with Uber Friday.“We’re going to continue looking for opportunities to dialogue and clearly with the excellent welcome we’ve received from users and the media we want to continue growing our users and collaborators so every Tico can have an Uber within a five-minute drive,” she said. Facebook Comments Rocío Paniagua, spokeswoman for Uber Costa Rica, told The Tico Times that the drivers whose vehicles were impounded have the “full legal and economic support” of the company. She said that Uber is not public transportation but a private club of members offering a transportation service.Two vehicles were impounded by MOPT Friday but another might have been damaged by a group of vandals. Several sources on social media shared images of a red Mitsubishi Lancer identified as an Uber vehicle that was damaged in Tibás in the predawn hours of Saturday morning. photos show the front and back windshields smashed and several windows broken.Paniagua said the case was under investigation and said she could not confirm that it was an Uber vehicle at the time she spoke with this newspaper.“Violence is totally unacceptable to us and not the way to come to an agreement,” she said, “We continue to cooperate with the authorities and dialogue about how we operate.”The Tico Times was not able to reach the Transit Police for comment Saturday. If it was an Uber vehicle, it was not listed among the two that were impounded.The MOPT crackdown on Uber drivers followed another dispute, this one between the media and Urbina. The daily La Nación reported that Urbina asked licensed taxi drivers to report Uber drivers they saw on the roads and report them to the Transit Police.Urbina tweeted a denial that he asked for assistance from taxis during a meeting he held with representatives Friday.center_img En este momento el #MOPT está decomisando el primer #UberTico en el Parque Central. Esto es lamentable. RT RT RT RT— Ale Mora (@djalemora) August 22, 2015 Related posts:Uber up and running in Costa Rica despite red light from Transport Ministry Costa Rican police leadership denies targeting Uber drivers  Uber supporters say court case could legalize ride-hailing service in Costa Rica Taxi drivers throw eggs as Uber Costa Rica offers free rideslast_img read more

Qantas raises fuel surcharges in line with Emirates

first_imgQantas will increase fuel surcharges on both domestic and international flights from mid-August.Qantas previously charged a flat fuel fee regardless of seat class, while the new pricing structure will bring the airline into line with Middle East partner Emirates, reported.Domestic base fares will increase between two and three percent, while on some international routes, base fares will rise instead of fuel surcharges.The fuel surcharge on flights to the United States will increase to AU$365 one way for economy and premium economy and to AU$390 one way for business class.On flights to the United Kingdom and Europe surcharges will jump to AU$255 for economy, AU$325 for premium economy and AU$445 for first and business class.Economy prices will rise by AU$25 to the Middle East and South America, AU$10 to Asia and Honolulu and the base fare to South Africa will increase by AU$25.QantasLink, the airline’s regional carrier, will also increase fare prices.International bookings ticketed on or prior to 13 August 2013 will avoid the fare rises, while domestic bookings ticketed before 14 August 2013 will evade the surcharge increases.Earlier this week, a Qantas Dash 8 aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing at Canberra.Source = ETB News: P.T. Fares ticketed before mid-Augustwill avoid fare increases.last_img read more