Mentally ill NS man who killed his mother grandparents denied greater freedom

first_imgHALIFAX – More than two years after a mentally ill Nova Scotia man killed his mother and two grandparents, a team of mental-health professionals argued Tuesday he should be granted unescorted day passes.They said Codey Hennigar has shown no signs of violence, aggression or psychotic symptoms.But members of Hennigar’s own family and a Crown prosecutor persuaded a review board that the 33-year-old — declared not criminally responsible for the 2015 killings — is not ready to function on his own in the community.“Please, don’t risk it yet,” Hennigar’s younger brother, Chandler, told the board.In an emotionally charged hearing inside a psychiatric hospital, a six-member Criminal Code Review Board denied Codey Hennigar’s request for unescorted passes, concluding in a 5-1 decision that more time was needed to ensure he is mentally stable.The board’s chairman, Peter Lederman, said it had been only two months since Hennigar had completed the transition to a new anti-psychotic drug regime.“We want to see a longer period of stability on the new drug,” Lederman told the hearing.Another hearing has been scheduled for January.Dr. Scott Theriault, director of the Department of Psychiatry at the Capital District Health Authority, told the board Hennigar was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2014. Since he started receiving treatment at the hospital, he has been “fastidious” about taking his medication, he said.Theriault said Hennigar has expressed remorse for what he did, but he has yet to speak about what happened in detail.Dressed in green dress shirt and jeans, Hennigar said nothing during the hearing, his hands folded on the table in front of him. The heavy-set, bespectacled man appeared to pay attention to the hearing but displayed no obvious reactions.He was arrested in January 2015 after the bodies of his mother, Mildred Ann Ward, and her parents, Clifford and Ida Ward, were found following a fire inside a home in rural Wyses Corner, N.S.Hennigar was charged with three counts of second-degree murder and he was ordered to stand trial in December 2016.However, Nova Scotia Supreme Court Judge Patrick Murray agreed with the defence and Crown that Hennigar, who had previously admitted to the killings, was not criminally responsible for his actions due to mental illness.At the time, Crown attorney Mark Heerema said the victims died of a combination of blunt-force injuries to the head and smoke inhalation, and that at least one of the victims was still alive when the fire was set.Since then, Hennigar has been receiving treatment at the Halifax-area East Coast Forensic Hospital. He was granted escorted day passes after a similar hearing in March, and has travelled to the city with staff members on at least a dozen occasions, mainly for “recreational treatment.”Chandler Hennigar told the board that he wanted to see his brother rehabilitated, but it was too soon to grant him more freedom.“I’m not sold on it right now,” he told the board.Chandler Hennigar said he suffers from night terrors and he worries about the safety of his family and his neighbours.“I have scars both inside and out, and there’s a scar on the inside that is never going to heal,” he said.One of Hennigar’s neighbours was more blunt.“You’re sugar-coating the fact that this man violently bludgeoned a family to death,” said the woman, who identified herself as Geraldine.She said Hennigar was a manipulative and vindictive person who was known for making threats in the community before he was taken into custody.“Please, I want justice,” she said. “Two years is not enough for this man …Whether he was not criminally responsible or not, he (killed) three people and the family dog. I want him in long enough that we know he is not a threat.”Crown lawyer Aileen McGinty said the safety of the public was of paramount importance.“This has all been very quick,” she told the board, adding that Hennigar has a history of violence and was refusing to take his medication before he killed his relatives. “There’s a significant threat to public safety … The severity of the outcome if things go wrong is the main factor to consider.”Beth Kennedy, one of Hennigar’s aunts on his father’s side, told the board he should be granted his request.“I’ve seen such an improvement in Codey,” she told the board, adding that when she first met with him after he was arrested, he was in rough shape.“He wasn’t Codey. You would look into his eyes just see black holes,” she said. “Now, he’s a big, gentle soul … I love him and I don’t think he’s a risk.”Outside the hearing room, she said she was disappointed with the decision. She said family members opposed to his request just don’t understand.“I think it’s their hurt that they can’t get by. They have to understand that it really wasn’t him doing it. It was his sickness. He fell through the cracks. He didn’t get the help he needed.”last_img read more

The Wednesday news briefing An ataglance survey of some top stories

first_imgHighlights from the news file for Wednesday, Sept. 6———BANK OF CANADA HIKES INTEREST RATE: The Bank of Canada has raised its interest rate for the second time in less than two months in an effort to adjust to the unexpected force of the country’s economic momentum. Wednesday’s hike of its overnight lending rate to 1.0 per cent marks its second quarter-point increase since July, and comes less than a week after the latest data for economic growth showed an impressive expansion of 4.5 per cent for Canada in the second quarter. That April-to-June performance followed surprisingly healthy growth in the first three months of 2017 and easily exceeded the Bank of Canada’s projections.———AID WORKERS BRACE FOR IRMA: A Canadian aid worker in Haiti says Hurricane Irma could deal a crippling blow to the impoverished country while it’s still recovering from hurricane Matthew, which struck less than a year ago. Laura Sewell of Ottawa, assistant country director in Haiti for CARE, says Haiti is less able to handle the effects of a Category 5 storm than other countries in the region. Haiti’s government issued a warning to residents along the north coast late Wednesday to seek shelter.———FORMER ENVOY CONDEMNS SILENCE ON MYANMAR: Canada’s former religious freedom ambassador says Myanmar’s Aung Sang Suu Kyi, the once celebrated Nobel laureate, has squandered her status by not standing up for persecuted Muslims in her country. Andrew Bennett added his own damning assessment to the mounting international condemnation of Suu Kyi for not defending the persecuted Muslim minority now fleeing her country in droves. Canada awarded Suu Kyi honorary citizenship for her peaceful, pro-democracy fight, including 15 years of house arrest, against her country’s military dictatorship.———LIBERALS APPROVE NEW BORDER BRIDGE: The federal government has given the green light for a new bridge connecting Ontario and Detroit to replace the aging Ambassador Bridge. Transport Minister Marc Garneau says the private owner of the 87-year-old bridge, the busiest border crossing between Canada and the United States, can begin building a six-lane replacement bridge. The Canadian Transit Company says on its website that it plans to spend $1 billion US on the new span.———CLIMATE CHANGED PUSHES SKI EVENT NORTH: One of Canada’s most storied nordic ski events — the Canadian Ski Marathon — is shifting farther north as climate change is causing less snow on low-lying portions of its route. Cross-country skiers who for 51 years have slid over roughly 80 kilometres of trails between Buckingham and Montebello, will instead ski the same distance along a more wooded, higher route just south of Mont Tremblant to Montebello this winter.———COP PLEADS GUILTY TO ASSAULT: A Toronto-area police officer pleaded guilty to assault Wednesday after siccing his K-9 unit dog on a man who was lying down awaiting arrest. York Region police Const. Michael Partridge admitted to his role in the assault that occurred on March 30, 2016 and left a man with minor injuries. Prosecutors called the officer’s actions an “excessive use of force.”———LICENCE PLATE CASE TO BE TRIED NEXT YEAR: A Nova Scotia Supreme Court judge will allow constitutional arguments in a case where the province decided a man’s personalized licence plate was offensive to women. Lorne Grabher had his licence plate with the text “GRABHER” — his last name — revoked last year after government officials agreed with a complainant that it was a “socially unacceptable slogan.” The court also set fresh dates for a trial, with the matter now scheduled for one year from now, on Sept. 5 and 6, 2018.———ONTARIO TO REVIEW SCHOOL CURRICULUM: Ontario is looking to overhaul its school curriculum to place more emphasis on life skills such as communication, problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and what she called “global citizenship.” Premier Kathleen Wynne announced Wednesday that the government will start public consultations to modernize the curriculum.———PARENTS, TEACHERS DEAL WITH SPLIT CLASSES: As the new academic year gets underway, students, teachers and parents are gearing up to deal with one of the education system’s more controversial elements: split-level classes. Some parents worry that integrating students from several grades, typically to offset shrinking enrolment or mitigate a surge in a particular year, leaves younger pupils behind or fails to adequately challenge more advanced ones. But educators and experts say split classes can be beneficial — and the outcome often depends on the teacher.———DAD BARRED FROM LETTING KIDS RIDE BUS ALONE: The case of a British Columbia father who says the Children’s Ministry barred him from letting his children ride the bus alone is sparking debate about when parents should be allowed to leave their kids unsupervised. Mariana Brussoni, a population and public health professor at the University of British Columbia, says it’s important for kids to learn independence and the case highlights how “over-parenting” has become normal.———last_img read more

Intersection of 100th and 100th to be closed Tuesday morning

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The City of Fort St. John is closing the intersection of 100th Avenue and 100th Street on Tuesday Morning.The area will be closed beginning at 6:00 a.m. so city workers can do routine repairs.The city is asking residents to find alternate routes to their destination and to obey all traffic control people. There is no information on when the intersection will reopen. For the most up to date information visit the City of Fort St. John Facebook Page.last_img

Fatherstobe who smoke harm babies

first_imgFathers-to-be, take note! Smoking may increase the baby’s risk of developing congenital heart defects – the leading cause of stillbirth, a study has found. Congenital heart affect eight in 1,000 babies born worldwide. Prognosis and quality of life continues to improve with innovative surgeries, but the effects are still lifelong. The findings, published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, suggest that fathers-to-be should quit smoking. Also Read – An income drop can harm brain”Fathers are a large source of secondhand smoke for pregnant women, which appears to be even more harmful to unborn children than women smoking themselves,” said Jiabi Qin, from Central South University in China. “Smoking is teratogenic, meaning it can cause developmental malformations. The association between prospective parents smoking and the risk of congenital heart defects has attracted more and more attention with the increasing number of smokers of childbearing age,” said Qin. Also Read – Shallu Jindal honoured with Mahatma AwardAccording to researchers, this was the first meta-analysis to examine the relationships between paternal smoking and maternal passive smoking and risk of congenital heart defects in offspring. “In fact, smoking in fathers-to-be and exposure to passive smoking in pregnant women are more common than smoking in pregnant women.” The researchers compiled the best available evidence up to June 2018. This amounted to 125 studies involving 137,574 babies with congenital heart defects and 8.8 million prospective parents. All types of parental smoking were associated with the risk of congenital heart defects, with an increase of 74 per cent for men smoking, 124 per cent for passive smoking in women, and 25 per cent for women smoking, compared to no smoking exposure. This was also the first review to examine smoking at different stages of pregnancy and risk of congenital heart defects. Women’s exposure to secondhand smoke was risky for their offspring during all stages of pregnancy and even prior to becoming pregnant. Women who smoked during pregnancy had a raised likelihood of bearing a child with a congenital heart defect, but smoking before pregnancy did not affect risk. “Women should stop smoking before trying to become pregnant to ensure they are smokefree when they conceive,” said Qin. “Staying away from people who are smoking is also important. Employers can help by ensuring that workplaces are smokefree,” he said. “Doctors and primary healthcare professionals need to do more to publicise and educate prospective parents about the potential hazards of smoking for their unborn child,” said Qin.last_img read more

Tripoli residents keep up pressure for Libya militias to go

first_imgTRIPOLI – Residents of Libya’s capital were turning out Friday to press militias remaining in the city to follow others and withdraw, aiming to keep up the momentum following deadly clashes last weekend.The city council and students union called for a “large demonstration,” while the authorities urged people not to march on sites occupied by militias, to avoid confrontations, and vowed to ensure security.Some militias, made up of fighters who helped oust dictator Moamer Kadhafi in 2011, have already pulled out, but there are questions about whether this is in earnest or just for show. “This is too good to be true,” a woman called Asma wrote on Twitter.And one Western diplomat said: “We’ll need a few days to confirm whether these withdrawals are really genuine.”Many of the groups have long rejected government calls to lay down their arms or integrate into the armed forces, triggering the frustration of Libyans who once hailed them as heroes for toppling Kadhafi.Matters came to a head on November 14, the deadliest day in Tripoli since Kadhafi’s ouster. Gunmen from the Misrata militia opened fire on demonstrators demanding they leave the city, killing a number of them.In retaliation, members of another militia assaulted the villas the Misrata fighters were occupying , setting off clashes that lasted into the next day.Overall, 46 people were killed and more than 500 were wounded.Since Sunday, residents of Tripoli have been holding a general strike, pressing their demands for militias to leave.The Misrata brigade started pulling out on Monday at the behest of community leaders in their coastal city.A day later, the government announced plans to remove the militias and eventually integrate them into the security forces, a long-standing objective.And as the week has progressed, militias including three powerful groups from the western city of Zintan and two Islamists groups have withdrawn.Prime Minister Ali Zeidan attended Thursday’s pullout by the Zintan’s Sawaek Brigade, thanking the groups for complying with the government announcement.“The decision to evacuate armed groups from the capital will apply to all factions without exception,” he said, as the government has called the withdrawals “an important step toward building the state.”Former rebels who helped topple Kadhafi have since banded into militias carving out their own fiefdoms, each with its own ideology and regional allegiance.But militiamen continue to occupy several public and privately owned sites in the capital.Amnesty International urged the authorities to protect the protesters from violence by militias, saying “anything short of that could result in a new tragedy.”last_img read more

MR urges cautious approach on proposed ETCA deal

“Our focus should be to get India to open up without restrictions on Sri Lanka’s main exports like apparel, tea etc. Trying to broaden the trade relationship with India without sorting out existing problems, will naturally give rise to public opposition,” he added. “I urge the Government to take a phased approach to entering to an ETCA with India. In the first phase, impediments to the implementation of the existing FTA with India should be ironed out. The problem of Indian fishermen poaching in Sri Lankan waters which has now reached crisis proportions should also be sorted out at this stage, to create an atmosphere of trust between the people of the two countries. After a few years of operating the FTA to the satisfaction of Sri Lankan stakeholders, we can then go onto the next phase and work out the specific details to broaden the relationship through an ETCA,” Rajapaksa said in a statement today. Rajapaksa urged the Government to table in parliament the agreement they intend signing with India and seek the views of trade chambers, professional associations and the general public before making any decision to enter into this agreement. Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa has called for a cautious approach to the proposed Economic and Technological Cooperation Agreement (ECTA) with India.Rajapaksa said that neither the Parliament, nor the general public have been officially informed about the contents of this proposed agreement. He said the arrogant attitude the Government has taken in this matter may end up ruining Sri Lanka’s chances of forging a mutually beneficial trade partnership with its neighbour.He said that at present, Sri Lanka provides a market of USD 4,000 million for Indian goods and while value of exports from India to Sri Lanka and vice versa need not reach a perfect balance under the FTA it is vital that Sri Lankans feel that we are achieving our full potential in exports to India without being impeded by various non-tariff barriers and bureaucratic stonewalling. He noted that India has signed agreements similar to the proposed ETCA or the earlier CEPA with, South Korea, Singapore and other countries but these are very detailed agreements formulated with adequate economic and national security safeguards. (Colombo Gazette) read more

Russia to expand weekly flights between Moscow and Colombo

ROSSIYA Airlines is a member airline of the Russian national carrier Aeroflot, which is currently carrying out flights to Colombo five days a week. The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Russia has been informed by the relevant Russian authorities of the planned expansion of the regular flight program between the Russian capital Moscow and Colombo, the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Russia said today.According to the Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka on Air Transport, dated March 26, 2012, and the Memorandum of Understanding, signed between the two countries on December 5, 2017, the Russian air carrier ROSSIYA Airlines Company (JSC) has been appointed for performing regular passenger, baggage, cargo and mail transfers on the conventional Moscow-Colombo route, with flights frequency of seven days a week. The planned expansion of the flight program is deemed to boost the tourism industry in Sri Lanka, enhancing Sri Lankan-Russian cooperation, and making the two countries even closer to each other. (Colombo Gazette) read more

Welsh steps up leads Harvard to a 7568 win at Saint Marys

MORAGA, Calif. — Henry Welsh, pressed into a starting role with Harvard’s leading scorer out, scored 15 points and the Crimson earned its first win over Saint Mary’s on Saturday, 74-68 to cap a four-game road swing.Harvard’s leading scorer, Chris Lewis, did not play against the Gaels after leading the Crimson with 16 points in a 61-57 loss to San Francisco.Welsh got Harvard off to a fast start, hitting a 3 in the first minute. His layup with 10:35 remaining made it a 21-10 advantage and his jumper in the closing seconds of the first half sent Harvard into intermission with a 34-24 lead.Noah Kirkwood had 12 points for Harvard (3-3) and Danilo Djuricic, Christian Juzang and Robert Baker each contributed 10 points.Malik Fitts scored 27 points to lead Saint Mary’s (3-3). Jordan Hunter and Tanner Krebs each added 11 points.Harvard returns home to face Holy Cross Wednesday.The Associated Press read more

SKF takes next step in smartifying the industry

first_imgGlobal suppliers of seals, bearings and lubrication systems to the mining industry, SKF says it is “continuing its investments in smartifying its maintenance service offering, production and sales processes.” As part of the investments, field maintenance engineers, production workers, and SKF sales force members in selected regions will be trained and equipped with smart devices with tailored-made software developed by SKF’s own connectivity team.Integrating SKF’s condition monitoring technologies into mobile devices supports the group’s focus on asset life cycle management. By providing access to real-time machine performance data in a user-friendly format, customers and maintenance engineers are better able to take informed decisions regarding maintenance activities and increase machine efficiency. The company stated: “Bringing smart devices with production and maintenance apps into SKF’s factories will enable a better, faster and more accurate collection of data and ensure a more collaborative and efficient way of working. Apps that provide warnings and early fault detections in real-time and access to machine calibration routines will help minimise downtime and give operators the tools they need to solve issues instantly.”“This is one of the most interesting times to be in the industrial arena. We are truly going through an industrial renaissance. Smart devices have helped us see the SKF world with new eyes and allows us to introduce a whole new way of working to what could be seen as a more traditional type of industry”, says Tom Johnstone, SKF President and CEO.Commenting on what these developments mean for the industry, he said: “Embracing industrial connectivity is opening up new markets for us. It’s helping us to deliver more value to our customers and increase our revenues. We will continue to embed this technology into our way of working. Technology developers and legislators have a role to play as well, in device development and nurturing industrial activity as a whole. Together, we will be able to increase competitiveness, quality, productivity and growth, unlocking the next industrial revolution.”SKF has already developed over 35 internal and external apps, with more than 300,000 downloads. These range from apps that help make field engineers up to 12% more efficient in their work – giving them more time to spend with customers – “to bearing calculation and alignment apps that provide direct value to SKF customers by improving their own productivity.”last_img read more

Cornish Mining Man Engine continues journey passing through St Austell

first_imgThe world has now seen the UK’s largest ever mechanical puppet, the 12 m Cornish Mining Man Engine, which on July 25 set off on its historic summer journey the entire length of the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site, and today passed through St Austell. Part of the ‘Tinth’ (10th) anniversary of the Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape being added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites, the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site Partnership provided the initial funding for the two week “awe-inspiring journey of the Man Engine – a monumental moving, smoking, metalworked, mining ‘behemoth’, the likes of which has never been seen before.”He ‘awoke’ for the first time in Bedford Square in Tavistock, West Devon, and over the course of a 50 minute ceremony ‘transformed’ up into the sky, to the height of almost three double decker buses, aided by the singing of local choirs and gathered crowds. “In a riveting ceremony which saw smoke, lights, sounds creating a high level of ‘industrial drama’, the imposing Man Engine was hauled to his 10 plus metres final height by a team of ‘Lilliputian’ modern day ‘miners’ and ‘bal maidens’ against the backdrop of the significant stannary town, of which a major amount of development came from the investment of miners and the Duke of Bedford, a mine owner. Blinking his massive eyes, and wearing a traditional miners hat, The Man Engine took a long, look out across his world, whilst children and adults, locals and visitors alike, watched him in astonishment.”He is making his way from Tavistock to the far western tip of Cornwall, across the UK’s biggest World Heritage Site, a journey of some 130 miles. Until August 6, 2016, the general public will be able to head to 20 events right across the area where they can “witness the immense spectacle whilst learning the stories of the Cornish miners whose endeavour, ingenuity and innovation transformed the industrial world, both in Cornwall and West Devon, and right across the globe.”The brainchild of Will Coleman of Cornwall’s Golden Tree Productions, the Man Engine was designed and overseen by Hal Sylvester, a big puppet specialist, using a talented team of engineers, fabricators, welders, smoke and lighting experts and artists, from right across Cornwall and the South West. The Man Engine sports a number of ‘motifs’ of Cornish mining with a giant beam engine as a rocking neck, mining ‘head gear’ sheave wheels as shoulders, cast iron flangers and rivets throughout and hands that reflect massive 20th century excavators. A wheel loader, kindly provided by Volvo, acts as the Man Engine’s ‘puppeteer’, aiding the support crew of ‘miners’ who raise him up and animate him whilst he is ‘transformed.’Will Coleman of Golden Tree Productions said, “Kernow, our horn-shaped granite kingdom of Cornwall, is a tiny 0.002% of the planet’s surface, yet beneath our rocky shores can be found samples of more than 90% of all mineral species ever identified. Millions of years in the making, the geology of Cornwall is unique. This unbelievable geological treasure (copper, tin, arsenic, lead, zinc, silver, etc) has powered the Cornish people’s endeavour through 4,000 years of mining history: innovation, triumph and heartbreak. I was brought up on the banks of the River Tamar with the stories and the legacy of Cornish mining all around me. The landscape is deeply rooted in the impacts of that industry and in the successes and the struggles of the real people whose lives shaped our Cornwall and West Devon mining stories.”Coleman continues, “With the birth of our ultimate mining machine, we have toiled long and hard to embed into this single huge object, the meaning and feeling of the stories of the real people, and the real lives of those people, their sorrows, their achievements and their journeys, over thousands of years. With 19th century mining vernacular and motifs throughout, we have all worked together to drive a colossal scale and excitement into him, honouring the achievements, the harshness, the beauty and the significance that the work, energy and brainpower that these people brought to our entire world. Now he’s alive and off on the timely pilgrimage, with our team of miners and bal maidens, of more than 100 miles throughout our homeland. I can’t explain how extraordinary the feeling is to see the people on the streets meet him, and be so in awe of him.”Cllr Julian German, Chairman of the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site Partnership says, “The project has been an enormous challenge for Golden Tree Productions and their extended team since they won this bid. This time has seen them seek creative solutions for the myriad challenges such an audacious proposal was always going to generate. We congratulate them, and all those involved in organising the Man Engine, wholeheartedly, for their vision, ambition and tenacity in pursuing such a spectacular project – a fitting tribute to our ancestors’ efforts, ingenuity and entrepreneurialism.”German continues, “This Man Engine Tinth project has already reached over 1,200 schoolchildren during the last 4 months, who have researched the stories behind five real life Cornish Mining characters. This has inspired their creation of five processional wagons depicting these stories, in the process gaining valuable skills and integrating science and arts learning. The project has also reached tens of thousands of people to date, through the attendance of the Trailblazer bus at major public events earlier this summer. I am sure the Man Engine’s journey will be a huge success. It has certainly captured everyone’s imagination, and will bring the towns and villages along the route to the attention of a national audience, driving a new excitement and understanding of the importance of our Cornwall and West Devon Mining World Heritage Sites.”last_img read more

Breakfast at Bebetos All you need to know from last nights World

first_imgHeading home: Portugal and Cristiano Ronaldo. Source: Marcio Jose SanchezOn day 15…THE LAST FOUR Teams booked their spots in the knockout stages yesterday, meaning we now know how the last 16 fixtures look.It was all to play for in Group G as the four sides went into the final set of games with a chance of progressing. US manager Jurgen Klinsmann faced his native Germany and former assistant Joachim Löw only needing a draw to clinch second place.And although Thomas Müller’s fourth goal of the tournament, which sees him go level with Lionel Messi and Neymar as the current top scorers, handed the Germans a 1-0 victory, a 2-1 win for Portugal over Ghana ensured the US of qualification.Cristiano Ronaldo missed a bag of chances before popping up with the winner and his first goal of these finals — but it couldn’t prevent elimination for the Iberians. American midfielders Jermaine Jones and Michael Bradley. Source: Julio CortezLater last night, Algeria made it to the second round for the first time in their history thanks to a 1-1 draw against Russia. Alexander Kokorin put Fabio Capello’s men ahead with a powerful header on seven minutes but Islam Slimani proved the hero for the Desert Foxes  – heading past Igor Akinfeev with a half hour on the clock.Despite having Steven Defour sent off for a reckless challenge at the end of the first half,  Belgium claimed top spot with a 1-0 win over South Korea. Skipper Jan Vertonghen grabbed the only goal of the game on 77 minutes.Winner – Vahid Halilhodžić The Algerian players at the final whistle. Source: Martin MeissnerAlgeria boss Vahid Halilhodžić was heavily criticised after their opening defeat at the hands of Belgium but the Africans bounced back to see off South Korea 4-2 before claiming a vital point against Russia last night.The Bosnian led the Ivory Coast to the 2010 finals but was sacked before it after a poor showing at the African Cup of Nations earlier that year. Now the 61-year-old will get the chance to pit his wits against the mighty Germans on Monday.Loser – Fabio Capello Source: Michael SohnHe ranted about the referee at the final whistle but the Russian manager must accept much of the blame after his team fell at the first hurdle.They will have expected to pick up more than two point from a possible nine when they were drawn in one of the weaker-looking groups and the performances left a lot to be desired especially when you consider the Italian is on a salary of around €8million-a-year.Joga BonitoThe wonderful outside-of-the-boot cross from Kwadwo Asamoah for Asamoah Gyan’s goal was a thing of real beauty. we’ve got to look forward to todaySadly, it’s the first day in a fortnight that there are no live games. Don’t worry though, you won’t have to go cold turkey for too long as we’re back up and running with the second round on Saturday.And there are some mouth-watering ties among them: Source: Fifa.comSlimani heads Algeria to historic World Cup last sixteen qualification10-man Belgium clinch top spot in Group H and send South Korea packinglast_img read more

Print your very own handheld vacuum cleaner

first_imgOver the past few years the amount of open source software available to use has gone up considerably and many of us now carry a phone running an open source operating system. But software isn’t the only thing that can be open sourced, there’s a growing base of people producing open source hardware made with 3D printers.Christopher Olah of has just completed one such project that allows anyone to print and create their very own handheld vacuum cleaner. It’s small, but as the video above shows, it’s perfect for getting into small areas and picking up dirt and dust, so ideal for keyboard cleaning.You may be thinking such a project is flawed because you haven’t got a 3D printer and they aren’t readily available at your local computer store. But then you can make your own such as the RepRap introduced in the video below:The only other parts you need for this vacuum are a DC motor, power supply, tape, and some cloth for a filter. Olah has made the files necessary to print the parts available for free on Github, and also produced a visual guide on exactly how to put the vacuum together once the printing has been done.3D printers are getting cheaper to build all the time, so while at the moment it may cost a few hundred dollars, in the future projects like this could become achievable for less than the price of a retail handheld vaccum cleaner.Read more at Christopher Olah’s BlogMatthew’s OpinionAlthough printing your own vacuum cleaner sounds like a very cool project to undertake, it’s the RepRap that’s the really exciting development for me.A 3D printer that can replicate itself and is getting cheaper to assemble with every new version is a market-changing idea. Eventually we could reach a point where the 3D printer is as common and cheap as the inkjet printers many of our homes have today. When that happens it will drastically change the way we think about getting hold of certain products. Instead of searching a store for something pre-built you may instead search for the 3D design so you can print it yourself.Future versions of the RepRap will be able to print circuit boards, so building your own rig could also eventually involve printing your own boards to go inside that plastic case you also printed.last_img read more

Have Ireland built better depth Comparing the 2019 RWC squad to 2015

first_img Share4 Tweet Email2 Thu 1:17 PM DEPTH, DEPTH, DEPTH.Since the 2015 World Cup, when Ireland were shorn of five key men before their quarter-final defeat to Argentina, Joe Schmidt and the IRFU have insisted that bringing up the quality of players underneath the national team’s starting XV has been the key priority. Few nations could survive the loss of players as important as Paul O’Connell, Johnny Sexton, Sean O’Brien, Peter O’Mahony and Jared Payne – as well as Tommy Bowe early in the quarter-final – but Schmidt will hope the work done since 2015 has left Ireland better equipped to deal with adversity. Ireland have had some big wins since the last World Cup. Source: Oisin Keniry/INPHOAs well as covering for injuries and suspensions, greater depth ensures competition for starting places, and Schmidt will also hope that his options in 2019 bring about improved performances from those lucky enough to start World Cup fixtures.Just 11 of Ireland’s original 31-man squad for the 2015 World Cup have been named in Schmidt’s group for Japan this time around, underlining the extent of the change in the four years since – through retirements, injuries, loss of form, and the emergence of several new stars.Below, we work through each position to detail how things have changed for Ireland between the 2015 and 2019 World Cups. __________Loosehead prop2015: Cian Healy, Jack McGrath, Tadhg Furlong2019: Cian Healy, Dave Kilcoyne, Andrew PorterCian Healy comes into this World Cup as Ireland’s first-choice at loosehead prop, having enjoyed a stunning return to peak form over the past two seasons.Having come close to retiring before the last World Cup, Healy was not at his best for Ireland in 2015, though he managed to wrestle the number one shirt from Jack McGrath for the key games versus France and Argentina. Dave Kilcoyne has leaped past Jack McGrath into the squad. Source: Billy Stickland/INPHOTwenty-nine-year-old McGrath – a three-Test Lion with 1,531 minutes of game time for Ireland in this World Cup cycle – has not made the squad, having had a difficult 2018/19 season, and loses out to the remarkably in-form Dave Kilcoyne, who looks set to be one of the most explosive replacements at this World Cup, while offering a genuine starting option.The then 22-year-old Tadhg Furlong provided loosehead cover in 2015, without being needed to flip across, but Andrew Porter looks better equipped to provide that depth this time around – having only converted to tighthead as recently as 2017. Porter’s most recent outing at loosehead against Wales in Cardiff was impressive.All in all, Ireland look better equipped at loosehead than four years ago, with Healy and Kilcoyne set to deliver a highly-impactful double act.Minutes in this World Cup cycle:1,377 Cian Healy477 Dave Kilcoyne66 Andrew Porter__________Hooker:2015: Rory Best, Sean Cronin, Richardt Strauss2019: Rory Best (captain), Sean Cronin, Niall ScannellFour years on and heading into his final tournament as a player, 37-year-old Rory Best remains Ireland’s first-choice hooker and he’s well established as captain too, having taken over the role in 2016.Leinster man Sean Cronin played off the bench three times in the 2015 World Cup but has had just two starts for Ireland in the current cycle, meaning he is clearly seen as providing bench impact in 2019. Best will play in his fourth World Cup. Source: Billy Stickland/INPHOThe now-retired Richardt Strauss was Ireland’s other hooker in 2015 – starting against Romania and pushing Cronin out of the matchday squad for those key games versus France and Argentina. Niall Scannell is the new face at hooker for this World Cup and would appear to be the next in line to start games if Best is rested or unavailable. Whether Ireland are in better shape at hooker in 2019 is arguable, but Best will be desperate to finish on a strong note.Minutes in this World Cup cycle:2,024 Rory Best593 Niall Scannell453 Sean Cronin__________Tighthead prop:2015: Mike Ross, Nathan White, Tadhg Furlong2019: Tadhg Furlong, John Ryan, Andrew PorterThe picture has changed rather dramatically for Ireland at tighthead prop, with Mike Ross – four starts at the 2015 World Cup – and Nathan White – one start and four sub appearances – both retired.Tadhg Furlong, who made just one replacement appearance against Romania four years ago, is the undisputed first-choice now and has helped to redefine the role of tighthead props with his mobility and skill levels. John Ryan is one of Ireland’s three tightheads. Source: Billy Stickland/INPHOThirty-one-year-old John Ryan has emerged as a strong set-piece operator and powerful defender since his debut in November 2016, leaving him in competition with the extremely dynamic 23-year-old Porter to back-up Furlong.Porter’s ball-carrying and jackaling strengths may make him more suited to the bench impact role, but Ryan offers real value to Ireland as a possible starter at tighthead. Ireland appear to have more variety for this World Cup compared to 2015.Minutes in this World Cup cycle:1,766 Tadhg Furlong546 Andrew Porter534 John Ryan__________Second rows:2015: Paul O’Connell (captain), Devin Toner, Iain Henderson, Donnacha Ryan 2019: James Ryan, Iain Henderson, Jean Kleyn, Tadhg BeirneAgain, Ireland have very different options here, with only Iain Henderson remaining part of the World Cup squad four years on.While there are two different positions in the second row – loosehead lock and tighthead lock – we have grouped them together for the purposes of this article.Paul O’Connell was Ireland’s captain and primary tighthead lock last time around, starting three games before suffering a career-ending hamstring injury in the final pool game against France. Devin Toner – omitted this time around – was the first-choice partner to O’Connell, while Henderson stepped into the starting XV in the captain’s absence for the quarter-final defeat to Argentina, with Toner shifting to tighthead.Donnacha Ryan, now exiled in France, started only once against Romania and had two sub appearances in 2015. James Ryan is a key man for Ireland. Source: Dan Sheridan/INPHOIn 2019, the freakishly brilliant James Ryan is one of the first names on Ireland’s team sheet and has been their first-choice tighthead lock in recent times.With Toner left at home, Henderson and recent addition Jean Kleyn are in contention for the other second row spot in the biggest games. Kleyn is a heavy-duty tighthead lock – which could free Ryan to conserve some energy at loosehead lock at scrum time – while Henderson is the most experienced lineout caller in the squad in Toner’s absence, potentially taking that responsibility from Ryan.It was notable that Henderson – predominantly a loosehead lock – spent the closing stages of Ireland’s warm-up clash with Wales in Cardiff at tighthead lock, as Schmidt perhaps prepared for life without Toner.Tadhg Beirne is the other option for Ireland at loosehead lock, although Schmidt appears to rate him more highly as a blindside flanker. Nonetheless, Beirne provides potentially game-changing cover in the second row with his mobility and turnover threat.Minutes in this World Cup cycle:1,251 James Ryan1,238 Iain Henderson179 Jean Kleyn158 Tadhg Beirne__________Blindside flanker:2015: Peter O’Mahony, Jordi Murphy, Iain Henderson2019: Peter O’Mahony, CJ Stander, Rhys Ruddock, Tadhg BeirnePeter O’Mahony is back as Ireland’s apparent first-choice option at blindside flanker four years on from 2015, when his tournament was ended by an ACL injury in that attritional pool clash with France.Jordi Murphy – left out by Schmidt this time around – was the second choice at blindside in 2015, starting there against Romania and in the quarter-final against Argentina. Rhys Ruddock was a late injury call-up to replace O’Mahony and got 10 minutes off the bench against the Pumas. Henderson provided a further blindside option in 2015. Tadhg Beirne is an option at blindside. Source: Dan Sheridan/INPHOIreland look much better stocked this time around, with Ruddock included in the 31-man squad and CJ Stander providing another strong option at blindside – where he spent the first two years of his Test career.Ruddock and Stander’s physicality from the number six shirt may be tempting for Schmidt, with O’Mahony capable of playing at openside and Jack Conan offering a strong option at number eight.Beirne’s versatility also makes him a live option at blindside, while Henderson has some history in this position too.Minutes in this World Cup cycle:1,353 Peter O’Mahony1,087 CJ Stander592 Rhys Ruddock129 Tadhg Beirne70 Iain Henderson59 Josh van der Flier26 Jack Conan__________Openside flanker:2015: Sean O’Brien, Chris Henry2019: Josh van der Flier, Peter O’Mahony, Rhys Ruddock, CJ StanderThe injury to Dan Leavy was a major blow to Ireland’s chances of glory at this World Cup, after the Leinster man had announced himself as a true force at Test level during the 2018 Grand Slam run.Leavy had been set to make a huge impact in Japan but he and Sean O’Brien – the starter at seven in 2015 – have both been ruled out with injury. With Chris Henry now retired – having started the quarter-final four years ago after O’Brien was suspended for striking Pascal Papé – the picture is very different at openside. Josh van der Flier is a tireless presence. Source: James Crombie/INPHOThe underrated Josh van der Flier has been present for many important Ireland wins in recent years and is the only player in the squad who is primarily an openside flanker.O’Mahony’s impressive start at seven against Wales in Cardiff two weekends ago hints at another possible option, while Stander moved to openside twice during games in the Six Nations as Conan came onto the pitch at number eight. Ruddock has also had six stints at openside during this World Cup cycle – including 21 minutes there against Wales last weekend – meaning Schmidt has options. Minutes in this World Cup cycle:948 Josh van der Flier153 Rhys Ruddock102 Peter O’Mahony86 CJ Stander__________Number eight:2015: Jamie Heaslip, Sean O’Brien2019: CJ Stander, Jack ConanThe durable Jamie Heaslip started all five of Ireland’s games at the 2015 World Cup in this position, completing 80 minutes in four of them and making way for O’Brien only in the Romania fixture.However, with Heaslip having been forced to retire due to injury, Stander has been the man in possession of Ireland’s number eight shirt since the end of the 2017 Six Nations, delivering consistent performances for Schmidt. CJ Stander will play in his first World Cup. Source: Dan Sheridan/INPHOTwenty-seven-year-old Conan’s form has had a major upswing over the past two seasons, however, and he provides a second viable option for Ireland at the back of the scrum.With O’Brien having predominantly been an openside, Ireland certainly have better choice in this role in 2019. Stander can, of course, also play at blindside or possibly even openside, meaning the Munster man and Conan could even line up in the same back row.Minutes in this World Cup cycle:1,170 CJ Stander896 Jack Conan__________Scrum-half:2015: Conor Murray, Eoin Reddan, Ian Madigan2019: Conor Murray, Luke McGrath, Joey CarberyHeading into his third World Cup, 30-year-old Murray remains a key player for Schmidt and will be the first-choice at scrum-half once again.Schmidt has opted to bring just two scrum-halves to this World Cup, as he did in 2015, when Murray started four games and came off the bench against Romania, with Eoin Reddan having worn the number nine shirt in that fixture. Luke McGrath arriving in Japan. Source: Dan Sheridan/INPHOLeinster’s Luke McGrath is the second option at scrum-half this time around and it will be fascinating to see if Schmidt opts to give the 26-year-old starts against both Russia and Samoa in the second two Pool A games.Either way, it looks like both scrum-halves will be involved on all match days.Ian Madigan was the emergency third option at scrum-half in 2015 but wasn’t required, while Joey Carbery will be filling that role this time around.Minutes in this World Cup cycle:2,298 Conor Murray396 Luke McGrath__________Out-half:2015: Johnny Sexton, Ian Madigan, Paddy Jackson2019: Johnny Sexton, Joey Carbery, Jack Carty Thirty-four-year-old Sexton is back as Ireland’s first-choice out-half again, having started three games at the last World Cup before succumbing to injury after that brutal France clash and missing the quarter-final.Madigan, who had started against Romania and come off the bench against the French to impressive effect, was handed to the number 10 shirt for the quarter-final defeat. Jackson, meanwhile, made only one appearance off the bench against Romania, as Schmidt opted not to send him on versus Argentina. Source: James Crombie/INPHOThirty-year-old Madigan is now playing in England with Bristol, while 27-year-old Jackson – whose IRFU and Ulster contract was revoked in 2018 – is with London Irish, having played 772 minutes at out-half in the current World Cup cycle.Taking their places this time around are 23-year-old Joey Carbery, who has been Sexton’s understudy in recent years, and 27-year-old Jack Carty, whose career has moved onto a new level in the last two seasons.If he recovers from an ankle injury suffered in the warm-up win over Italy, Carbery looks like the next in line after Sexton, while Carty has settled in well at Test level having only debuted this year.Minutes in this World Cup cycle: Short URL Get the latest Rugby World Cup news and analysis, delivered straight to your inbox: 64 Comments 49,444 Views 1,819 Johnny Sexton474 Joey Carbery 189 Jack Carty__________Left wing:2015: Dave Kearney, Keith Earls, Luke Fitzgerald, Simon Zebo2019: Jacob Stockdale, Keith Earls, Jordan LarmourFour years ago, Keith Earls started two of Ireland’s pool games on the left wing but then moved to outside centre for three games – including the quarter-final – after Jared Payne suffered injury.Dave Kearney occupied the number 11 shirt for the Italy, France and Argentina games, while Luke Fitzgerald and Simon Zebo were also possible options in this slot – though neither had a start there in the 2015 tournament.In 2019, Jacob Stockdale is the clear first-choice left wing for Ireland, having racked up 16 tries in his 21 Tests so far. Stockdale is one of Ireland’s key attacking weapons. Source: Dan Sheridan/INPHOBefore Stockdale’s 2017 debut, Earls was largely used on the left wing in this World Cup cycle, before moving to the right, but he remains an option in this position along with the versatile Jordan Larmour.Garry Ringrose came off the bench on the left wing against Wales last weekend, performing well, and Schmidt has spoken about his versatility on a number of occasions recently.Minutes in this World Cup cycle:1,595 Jacob Stockdale707 Keith Earls55 Jordan Larmour28 Garry Ringrose __________Inside centre:2015: Robbie Henshaw, Darren Cave, Luke Fitzgerald2019: Bundee Aki, Robbie Henshaw, Chris Farrell, Garry RingroseSchmidt opted to bring only three players who were primarily centres in 2015, with Robbie Henshaw, Jared Payne and Darren Cave travelling, but Fitzgerald and Earls providing midfield cover too.Fitzgerald started Ireland’s opening game of the tournament against Canada in the 12 shirt, while Cave was there against Romania, but Henshaw was the key man with starts at inside centre against Italy, France and Argentina. Bundee Aki is in superb physical condition. Source: James Crombie/INPHOThis time around, Bundee Aki appears to be the man in pole position at inside centre, having been a consistent and durable performer for Schmidt since his debut in November 2017.Henshaw remains a strong possibility in the 12 shirt, of course, while Munster’s Chris Farrell and even Ringrose are also fine options for Schmidt here – even if both are predominantly 13s.Minutes in this World Cup cycle:1,501 Bundee Aki870 Robbie Henshaw248 Garry Ringrose149 Chris Farrell__________Outside centre:2015: Jared Payne, Keith Earls, Darren Cave2019: Garry Ringrose, Robbie Henshaw, Chris FarrellJared Payne was the main man at 13 four years ago but lasted just two games at the World Cup due to injury, with Earls moving in from the wing to occupy this slot.Ireland look better equipped here in 2019, with Ringrose, Robbie Henshaw and Chris Farrell all providing very strong starting options at outside centre. Chris Farrell is a powerful option in midfield. Source: Billy Stickland/INPHOEarls remains an option to shift in if required during games, while Larmour can do the same, but Ireland are well stocked to make an impact from 13.It will be intriguing to see how Schmidt selects in midfield, with four frontline centres giving him the chance to mix and match based on fitness, form, and the opposition.Minutes in this World Cup cycle:1,319 Garry Ringrose677 Robbie Henshaw374 Chris Farrell252 Keith Earls25 Jordan Larmour__________Right wing:2015: Tommy Bowe, Dave Kearney, Keith Earls2019: Keith Earls, Andrew Conway, Jordan LarmourAfter Kearney had started the opening game in 2015 on the right wing, the experienced Tommy Bowe took over as the first-choice number 14 all the way through until the quarter-finals. Neither man is back this time around, with Bowe having retired, and Earls is the obvious starter on the right wing if fit and available. Keith Earls is a key player for Ireland. Source: James Crombie/INPHOAndrew Conway is capable of playing at fullback but has been used on the right wing more often by Schmidt and Munster. The jack of all trades, Larmour, also has valuable experience on the right edge, leaving Ireland in good shape in this position.Again, it’s notable that Ringrose also played 32 minutes on the right wing away to Wales two weekends ago, ensuring Ireland have a degree of flexibility in possible matchday 23s too.Minutes in this World Cup cycle:1,333 Keith Earls634 Andrew Conway331 Jordan Larmour32 Garry Ringrose__________Fullback:2015: Rob Kearney, Simon Zebo, Dave Kearney2019: Rob Kearney, Jordan Larmour, Andrew Conway, Joey CarberySet for his third World Cup, 33-year-old Kearney remains the first-choice fullback for Ireland, having been picked by Schmidt for the big games essentially whenever available during this World Cup cycle. Kearney started three games at the last World Cup, including those major clashes with France and Argentina, while Simon Zebo had starts against Romania and Italy in the number 15 shirt. Dave Kearney provided another fullback option in 2015.With Zebo – who has 418 minutes at fullback in this cycle – now exiled in France, the options behind Kearney are different this time, with 22-year-old Larmour appearing to be next-in-line in Schmidt’s eyes, while Conway is another possibility in this role. Larmour is set to provide back-up at 15. Source: Tommy Dickson/INPHOThat Larmour has only had four starts at fullback at Test level, as well as moving there five times during games, could be a concern in the event that Kearney suffers injury, particularly as Conway has only started there twice for Ireland.Henshaw had a start at 15 during this year’s Six Nations and Carbery is an intriguing possibility in the fullback role – potentially even during games – while Earls has some history as a fullback.Minutes in this World Cup cycle:1,726 Rob Kearney 387 Jordan Larmour173 Andrew Conway112 Joey Carbery72 Robbie Henshaw41 Keith Earls By Murray Kinsella Thursday 12 Sep 2019, 1:24 PM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Have Ireland built better depth? Comparing the 2019 RWC squad to 2015 We’ve broken down Joe Schmidt’s squad position-by-position.last_img read more

Alderweireld content to stay at Tottenham

first_imgToby Alderweireld insists that he is not disappointed to stay at Tottenham after a move to Manchester United failed to materialiseThe Belgian centre-back made just 14 Premier League appearances last season after injury troubles and an alleged falling out with manager Mauricio Pochettino.However, Alderweireld has put his struggles from last term behind him with Pochettino starting him in three of Spurs’ opening four league games.But, with under 12 months left on his final Spurs deal, Alderweireld had been strongly linked with a switch to United in the last transfer window.Speaking on the subject for the first time, the 29-year-old quickly dismissed rumours that he attempted to force the move to Old Trafford.“I quickly came to understand, together with my advisors, that I would be staying put at Tottenham,” Alderweireld said to SportsMax.“However, I can’t talk about all that was said in a news conference [by Pochettino].Cristiano Ronaldo, Nemanja Vidic, Manchester UnitedVidic: “Ronaldo is the most professional footballer I’ve seen” Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Nemanja Vidic opened up on how a 21-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo’s professionalism left him stunned at Manchester United.“It is even a personal triumph for me to have got my place back in their team. I worked hard for it. It is not a disappointment for me that I did not get a transfer. I did not want to leave at all costs.“People said that I wanted to leave the club, but that was not true. Not everything that has been said in the media has been correct. I just try to help Tottenham as I can with the abilities I have.“The World Cup was good for me. I worked hard and showed what I can do. I’m now on cloud nine with the birth of my daughter, Ayla, and I’m always glad to play for Belgium. So I am happy on all levels.”Alderweireld played in Belgium’s 4-0 friendly win over Scotland last week and will likely line-up once more in today’s UEFA Nations League opener against Iceland.Winning team today ?????— Alderweireld Toby (@AlderweireldTob) September 9, 2018last_img read more

Argo Les Mis win top Globes

first_imgGolden Globe Award winnersAnnounced Sunday in Beverly Hills, Calif.:Motion picturePicture, Drama: “Argo.”Picture, Musical or Comedy: “Les Miserables.”Actor, Drama: Daniel Day-Lewis, “Lincoln.”Actress, Drama: Jessica Chastain, “Zero Dark Thirty.”Director: Ben Affleck, “Argo.”Actor, Musical or Comedy: Hugh Jackman, “Les Miserables.”Actress, Musical or Comedy: Jennifer Lawrence, “Silver Linings Playbook.”Supporting Actor: Christoph Waltz, “Django Unchained.”Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway, “Les Miserables.”Foreign Language: “Amour.”Animated Film: “Brave.”Screenplay: Quentin Tarantino, “Django Unchained.”Original Score: Mychael Danna, “Life of Pi.”Original Song: “Skyfall” (music and lyrics by Adele and Paul Epworth), “Skyfall.”TelevisionSeries, Drama: “Homeland.”Series, Musical or Comedy: “Girls.”Actress, Drama: Claire Danes, “Homeland.”Actor, Drama: Damian Lewis, “Homeland.”Actress, Musical or Comedy: Lena Dunham, “Girls.”Actor, Musical or Comedy: Don Cheadle, “House of Lies.”Miniseries or Movie: “Game Change.”Actress, Miniseries or Movie: Julianne Moore, “Game Change.”Actor, Miniseries or Movie: Kevin Costner, “Hatfields & McCoys.”Supporting Actress, Series, Miniseries or Movie: Maggie Smith, “Downton Abbey.”Supporting Actor, Series, Miniseries or Movie: Ed Harris, “Game Change.”Previously announced:Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award: Jodie Foster. BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — “Argo” is in big with the Golden Globes, but not so much with the Academy Awards. “Lincoln” is sitting pretty with the Oscars but was mostly left out in the cold at the Globes.Sunday’s Globes left the Feb. 24 Academy Awards picture still muddled, with the Iran hostage thriller “Argo” winning for best drama and director for Ben Affleck, a prize he already knows he can’t win at the Oscars, where he wasn’t even nominated.The night left “Argo” taking home the top prize at the Globes but standing as a longshot for best picture at the Oscars, where films almost never win if their directors are not nominated.In a breathless, rapid-fire speech, Affleck gushed over the names of other nominees presenter Halle Berry had read off: Steven Spielberg for “Lincoln,” Ang Lee for “Life of Pi,” Kathryn Bigelow for “Zero Dark Thirty” and Quentin Tarantino for “Django Unchained.”“Look, I don’t care what the award is. When they put your name next to the names she just read off, it’s an extraordinary thing in your life,” Affleck said.last_img read more

Organizers pleased with fireworks show

first_imgWith great weather, solid attendance and ramped up activities for the kids, organizers are calling the 50th Independence Day at Fort Vancouver celebration a great success.Final attendance numbers aren’t yet available but it looks like they will be on par with the 30,000 to 35,000 average of the last three years, said Cara Cantonwine, director of programs for the Fort Vancouver National Trust, which runs the event.“Logistically everything went beautifully,” Cantonwine said. “Vendors did well, everything went well. Now we’re just hustling to get everything cleaned up.”Typically it takes about half a day for volunteers to remove all the trash and other debris from the field, although the main stage takes longer to dismantle because it includes a lot of equipment, she said.Michael McCormic, 15, of CAM Academy, won Thursday’s Sing Fourth Teen Vocal Competition and will get a $1,000 college scholarship for his performance of “Feeling Good” by Michael Buble.The kids’ games area, which included a new booth from Radio Disney, was also a big success, Cantonwine said.“They tossed out about 1,000 water balloons and gave out about 3,000 prizes,” she said.It looks like the event will pay for itself again this year once ticket sales and other revenue is tallied, although it will take a few days to know for sure, Cantonwine said.“Since we reformatted the event with admission and sponsorships it’s essentially a break-even show,” she said.last_img read more

Inside Chief Executives DataDriven Evolution

first_img “It really becomes an advisory service,” Winkleman continues. “What we understand, by virtue of what we do, is how to reach CEO’s, how to tailor messages to CEO’s. It’s a consultative process, whereby we sit with [advertisers] and review their content, and are very frank with them about what works for this particular audience.” To facilitate the shift toward selling more made-to-order, integrated packages, just about every content channel is being overhauled. Both the print magazine and website are due for makeovers early next year, as well as the brand’s growing portfolio of email newsletters — many of which are tailored to specific market segments, such as manufacturing. Chief Executive’s branded content studio is working harder than ever before, producing not only sponsored content or native advertising, but also podcasts, webinars, and white papers. What’s more, in an age where diversification is generally code for reducing reliance on a floundering print product, Chief Executive’s print magazine is up 34 percent in revenue this year. With Winkleman in charge of content strategy, the brand has shifted its focus to unifying its many distribution channels into a more integrated system that allows for ad campaigns to be customized not only by audience segment, but by product mix. “We keep slicing and dicing the market, understanding it better and better, and providing targeted products and services to niches within that audience,” Cooper tells Folio:. Several years into the Coopers’ ownership, the next step in ensuring Chief Executive’s continued evolution was bringing together a disparate set of mechanisms for acquiring audience data – print magazine fulfillment, event registrations, email newsletter subscribers — into a unified audience database. “We’re now developing our own database of CEO’s,” continues Cooper. “We used to rely on outside lists and directories, but we came to understand that those were highly unreliable. They weren’t dynamic enough.”Marshall Cooper, center To bring it all together, Cooper’s team partnered with an outside SaaS provider, but also hired four in-house database management staffers to track CEO moves and conduct market research — even diving into U.S. Census records. Advertising and sponsorships, which once accounted for 100 percent of Chief Executive’s revenue, are now just about one-third of the business — although they continue to grow. If you’re seeking a model for an independent B2B media brand’s profitable transition from trade magazine to multi-platform business information and marketing services provider, look no further than Chief Executive magazine. Earlier this year, Chief Executive welcomed back former SVP and executive editor Mike Winkleman as the brand’s fourth editor-in-chief in nearly 40 years, succeeding longtime head editor J.P. Donlon, who now serves as editor-in-chief emeritus. Since purchasing the title in 2009, self-described “serial B2B media entrepreneurs” Marshall and Wayne Cooper have dramatically diversified the business, augmenting it with a paid peer network, research products, and paid conferences, among several other offerings. The result is the capability to up-sell and cross-sell like never before. Sponsored surveys become white papers. White papers inspire webinars. Webinars generate interest in sponsored roundtables at events. It’s all about transitioning from a media brand to a full-service collaborator, able to reach a qualified, highly valuable audience of business executives in as many places and with as much precision as possible, according to Marshall Cooper, who serves as CEO and publisher. “Instead of saying, ‘Do you want to advertise in our magazine or sponsor our event?’, we’re able to say, ‘What are your goals? What are you trying to achieve here?’” Winkleman tells Folio:. Of course, highly targeted, desirable audience segments are only as valuable as the content — and ad products — a brand is able to deliver to them. The result is that Chief Executive can now not only segment its audience by market or company size, but by context, behavior, and consumption habits. “We can now see what types of content matter to individual segments of our audience, and deliver it to them,” adds Cooper. “CEO’s are the most demanding market there is. They have very short attention spans. If you’re not relevant fast, they’ll go away.” “Everything builds upon itself and is much more interwoven — and it’s customized,” adds Winkleman.last_img read more

33 sources of corruption in offices under FM

first_imgFinance minister AHM Mustafa Kamal. File photoThe Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), in a recent report, has identified at least 33 potential sources of corruption in the various accounts offices under the finance ministry and recommended 21 possible ways to combat these corruption in a recent report.An ACC team, one of the 25 teams formed by the commission to control and prevent corruption in 25 organisations in 2017, came up with the report. It was submitted by the ACC commissioner Md Mozammel Haque Khan to the office of finance minister AHM Mustafa Kamal in Sher-e-Bangla Nagar on Monday.The report showed that the departments for accounts officers collected money every so often from various government employees. These offices allegedly hold pension funds of retired officers while some of them embezzled government funds by making fake travel allowance and entertainment bills. They also take money to release funds for development projects.Immediately after receiving the ACC report, the finance minister spoke to media. He said, “The prime minister said she would not tolerate any kind of corruption in state affairs. It was her promise to the people before the election. People believed in her and voted for her.”“I want those who work with me, never to indulge in any corruption. We have to make sure that no office staff, even the man who makes tea or carries files, benefits through corruption in any way,” he added.The ACC believes that its recommendations are realistic and can eliminate corruption, hassles and delays in government services, said the ACC commissioner Md Mozammel Haque Khan.Sources of corruption and recommendationsOther that fake travel and recreation allowance bills, the accounts offices embezzled government money in various ways.There are irregularities and corruption on a large scale in issuing service statements and service book verification. The offices take money for pay-fixation, opening general provident fund (GPF) accounts and GPF-related services, and during the payment of various bills for government building, cars, motorcycles, computers, from the primary school teachers and staffs during the payment of gratuity fund.The commission introduced 21 recommendation to combat corruption in the accounts sector. The list includes, increasing the work force and adopting automated systems, using electronic methods of payment, facilitiating complaint filing and so on. It also recommended the rule of transferring government officers every three years strictly and resolving pension related issues in five to seven days.It also recommended punishment for delay or any irregularity in disbursement of payment of all kinds of bills, including salary and allowances. The commission suggested launching a ‘hotline’ to receive complaints and take necessary steps accordingly.last_img read more

Bangladeshi student wins Huntley Schaller Award

first_imgFabiha Bushra. Photo: BSSFabiha Bushra, a Bangladeshi student at Carleton University of Canada, has been awarded with the prestigious ‘Huntley Schaller Award’.Fabiha, a student at the Economics department of the university, won the award for the year 2019 for the best research paper in Economics, according to a press release.The award is given to an outstanding graduate student annually by the dean of Graduate and Post Doctoral Affairs on the recommendations of the chair of the Department of Economics, the release said.Fabiha, from Chunati under Lohagara upazila in Chattogram, completed her MA in Economics this year from the Carleton University.”She has been accepted for PhD Programme in Economics commencing from Fall 2019,” the release added.last_img