Aaron Smith sex scandal: New Zealand Rugby launches new investigation

first_imgThe messages appear to show Smith had convinced the woman he was caught in an airport toilet with last year to lie in a legal document, had mislead his coach, and had attempted to deceive his partner.On Thursday, New Zealand Rugby confirmed to Newshub based on the new information, it’s planning to “investigate the Aaron Smith matter further”.”It is effectively an employment issue that requires investigation,” the spokesperson said.The All Blacks star allegedly had sex with the woman, who leaked the Facebook messages, in a disabled toilet at Christchurch Airport in September 2016.He claimed it was a one-off incident and apologised for his “huge error in judgement” – but she says she was having an affair with him for two years. Photo. Newshub videolast_img read more

SP netball team bow out of finals in style

first_imgThe SP girls were presented with brand new uniforms just in time for their game against Lee Partners last Sunday.It was a hard fought match with the scores locked at 9-9 at the break. But Lee Partners held on to a 1 point lead to seal the win 16-15 at full time.Captain, Agi Aruai thanked SP Brewery for funding the team to participate in the competition.“SP Brewery has always been supportive and we are happy with the assistance from our Marketing department.“The netball team is made up of a good cross section of fulltime employees and we will definitely be back next season,” said Aruai.last_img

Celades: “Rodrigo? The negotiation is open, we are not going to hide”

first_imgBut Rodrigo had the medical discharge, right? Or do you have discomfort?He’s fine. It was planned like this. He made an effort to help us on Barcelona day and was scheduled not to participate in the Cup match. He trained yesterday normally and this visit is routine, it was planned.Gayà said he would not understand Rodrigo’s sale, would you understand it?Rodrigo is a beloved person in the locker room: We have a very good human group and Rodrigo is a beloved person. But good. Everyone is free to give their opinions and I don’t have much more to say.Can this whole situation harm the wardrobe?We have been talking about these market situations for a long time. We have tried to manage them in the best way. We are focused in the best way, as we did last week in Logroño. The Cultural arrives with high after eliminating a team like Atlético. For them it is a great incentive. We have to be prepared and our mission is to convey to the players that this is a football game and that this does not stop.How are you, because you had to put out a fire when you arrived with the template and now Rodrigo’s sale appears?I’m fine. Things always come up and I’m fine.Have you been asked about Rodrigo’s sale?Of course I have direct communication with the club.Do you understand that the club is considering selling one of its best players?I do not answer. The other day in the press room he said that if you said something about Rodrigo, what he said could change events.Maybe I explained myself badly. It wasn’t a specific Rodrigo question. It was in general. Any opinion of mine, that of any player, could change the opinion of a player. That’s why I don’t think publicly. There are things that I cannot tell.Without Rodrigo change the objectives?Rodrigo is very good and differential. That is why Barcelona wants it, because it is differential. The negotiation is open and we will not hide. We are lucky to have it.Has Rodrigo told you that you want to go to Barcelona?Rodrigo and I have talked. I can’t make a private conversation public.Do you feel like the 31st day arrives?There will be other things and other doubts you will have. Nor do I think anything special will happen.Are the costumes tired of the Rodrigo case?Those of us who live and are professionals know these situations. Some have touched them in the first person and others have lived them. It is one more thing within the profession. People are focused on what they can control.Do you think Saturday will have a better team than today?The second I have no idea. Let’s see how we stay and analyze things.Would you like some player to enter the Rodrigo operation?I can’t answer these things.Does Rodrigo and Paco Alcácer resemble anything?I don’t want to answer that either. You are looking for a news about market situation.Do you know Florenzi?I can not enter to value.Rodrigo has said goodbye?Not that I know.Would it end the winter market?Those who have money, any market favors them. When you have, it is much easier to buy. This window is mounted like this, because it is complex and there is not much where you can do things.Does the party focus differently knowing that the Cultural in your home is strong?We study the game to minimize as much as we can the things so good that Cultural does. How we do all the matches. They are strong at home, good defensive organization, good counterattack.How many times have you seen the Cultural Leonesa match against Atlético de Madrid?I’ve only seen it once doing the rival analysis. I’ve seen some more game.Rodrigo, off the listWhile the discomfort he suffers are what have caused him to rest in the face of the copera appointment, Rodrigo Moreno will not play against the Leonesa Cultural. This is the complete call: Jaume, Rivero; Thierry, Jaume Costa, Mangala, Paulista, Diakhaby, Gayá; Kondogbia, Soler, Parejo, Kang In, Coquelin, Ferran, Esquerdo; Gameiro, Maxi Gómez and Rubén Sobrino. Has Rodrigo gone to Barcelona to pass the medical check-up to sign for Barcelona?No. Rodrigo has gone to Barcelona because he had a revision visit he had planned several days ago and has nothing to do with what you tell me.center_img Albert Celades appeared in the press room in the preliminary of the tie against Cultural Leonesa and barely talked about the meeting. The Valencia coach had to face all the rumorology around the possible exit of Rodrigo Moreno, which remains off the list although it is due to injury. However, the coach confirmed for the first time that there is a negotiation between the parties involved.last_img read more

Aguirre: “We started the second round with four new faces”

first_imgHow do you see the new ones for tomorrow?Amadou has not arrived yet. He did not train with us. Bryan made the second enter. Assalé and Guerrero, the first. I will take them. I’ll take 19 and then I’ll make a discard. I don’t think I started any. One will have to go to the stands. Maybe not. I see them well. They have been playing with their teams. The language… well… they speak two Spanish, one English and the other only French, but I have two or three on the team that speak French. Except Amadou, the others are with us.Is happy?Yes, I’m happy. The group is also seen … well … wanting to compete internally. Now it is a problem for the coach to choose from the 17 that I have, the best ones, whatever they are called, whatever they are. Does it really upset not having Cuéllar?Pichu is an important player, no doubt. He is a boy who encourages a lot, competes, demanding with work. It is an important absence, but here I always turn to the topics: nobody is essential. I love him very much, he knows it, but he is not … is sanctioned. So that’s it. Juan deserves a chance and that’s it. Lombo barely has time with me. I know him less, but I stay to see him. It puts enthusiasm. It puts love for the shield. That overcomes any barrier. Then you can be wrong, but I don’t care.The Real comes more rested … how do you consider that these aspects are not taken into account?Well, nothing surprises me anymore. They put you Real Sociedad – Real Madrid on Tuesday … then on Wednesday and at the end on Thursday. They put you on Fridays in a row, then at 12 noon on Sundays, several Sundays too. I think … pufff … without intentionality, it is true that we are not being lucky in the schedules … but hey … it is not a complaint. It is an answer to your question. It is done. A day or so does not affect us. Nah … I’ve always said it, the pretexts are for the losers. No one should complain. The situation does not allow space for regret. We are alive and fighting… We start a second round with four new faces that refresh us a lot. It gives us internal competition that we didn’t have. That raises the level, sure.We will have to follow the Wanda line …Of course, of course, realize that people who play outside arrived. We have many people outside and inside. We have four pivots for two positions. We have many central … I know … Bustinza you put it wherever you want. Marc, who is returning … we are complete. It is true that there were people who left because they wanted to play. And that I understood. They left everything to play. Nothing happens. It is legitimate and appreciated. At this time here they would have to wait. You have to turn the page and face a three-point home commitment after 0-3 against Getafe. La Real was my first rival, we tied there and now we will try to win.Do you have raw material to change the drawing?Of course, of course … the other day against Getafe we ​​played with four in the background in the second half. The operation of the party asks you for things. Silva is a natural. Kevin, too, but by circumstances they have played in different positions. I did not want to modify much what there was, because they were 18 months working with the same and I did not want to confuse, but from 5-3-2 to 4-4-2, to 4-1-4-1 it can be made easy during the match. I believe that coaches have an obligation to teach them to play. Anyway and with the drawing that ea. Today they are able to do it fast.How do you see Real?They are doing things well. It is a dynamic and agile team. It has impressive mobility and attack with many people. We have to be alert. They have a very young average. They give me pleasure. It is a team that plays and lets play. I love the master, because he is from the house, he feels the colors, with his modesty he has managed to place himself in the elite. It is up in the elite. When he played against us, had he won, he would have been a leader. It is all year in European positions. It is to applaud. I love. He loves his quarry very much, his coaches … it will be a nice match. LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of February 1, 2020center_img Are you satisfied with how the market has ended?They are players, two outside, who are going to help us. Roger and Bryan are fast. They know how to play close to the line. They are assistants. They can come in handy. Guerrero is known better than me. I saw him in Olympiacos because he was a coach of Egypt and had a player there. Guerrero is tremendously competitive, very hard working. We can use his caste and his desire to play. Amadou is a pivot different from what we have. We have Roque, Rubén, Recio … these are similar. This one is different, with more muscle and long stride. The template is complete. From now on we go every Sunday to have to choose the best. That is what we all want. Be 20-21 and choose the best now that also come long weeks.Have you had any signings in the inkwell?No, not really, because, for example, Siovas has recovered after a long, long time out. He played in Barcelona … he is undergoing rehabilitation, it is obvious. We have everything behind now. Above we have Aitor, who is improving, or Oscar, who is always. On the outside we improve and in the end we have three: Guerrero, Guido and Braithwaite. I have possibilities. There is freshness and desire to face this second round starting tomorrow trying to get three by three.In As said that the teams that made many market movements did not like … Have they been run over by circumstances?No, because madness was not committed either. He did not sign for signing. Those who came were thought and spoken. We made lists of players for positions we need. In the case of Assalé and Amadou, we had been tracking the market for 15-20 days. Bryan’s thing rushes. I was not in the plans. But with En Nesyri, it rushes. The club decides to exercise a right of first refusal on the kid. With Guerrero we save the scan. Perhaps the most precipitous is Bryan’s. En Nesyri surprised us and tried, within that surprise, to try to bring water to his mill. Things that are economic and that does not apply to me.Any of the signings that have come, were they from your list of preferences?Yeah right. Bryan no. There the club decided to exercise the right of first refusal. And then he told me. But he is a very young boy, young man, who is sure to give us.last_img read more

What do you see in the image? This optical illusion is driving the entire Internet crazy

first_imgImage: Twitter / govindatagle / An image plays with the perspective of all usersThe post has already gone viral on Twitter All those who have seen this image, agree that an animal appears in it, however, its breed is completely doubtful. Some users commented that this animal was a pig or even a calf with malformation, but the reality is very far from this belief.pic.twitter.com/hj0OwUjGIJ– govinda natalia (@govindatagle) January 30, 2020The angle of the photo plays totally with our perspective. To be able to see the animal that is really shown in the image, what you have to do is just rotate the photo 180º. Made this rotation, we can clearly see a nice white dog but in a slightly strange position. pic.twitter.com/PbTseBtixr– charlie yen (@chiaritex) February 3, 2020This image is already a viral on social networks and already has thousands of retweets and I like it. In the hundreds of comments that the publication received, users write the reactions they had at the time they realized that it was a dog and the animal that they really thought it was at first.center_img More and more people use social networks in their day to day. No matter the age or corner of the world where a person is from, in all areas the number of users is gradually increasing in all social networks. This growth in users has made the content found on the Internet much more varied, even surprising more than one.A user managed to surprise the entire Twitter community with a photo that plays with people’s visual ability. In this tweet, an image appears that for the user may be as normal but that for other users does not have much logic.last_img read more

Chelsea, the first club to adapt training to the menstrual cycle

first_img“It is fair to say. I am a coach in an industry where women are treated like little men.” This phrase is from Emma Hayes, Chelsea coach, who has already revolutionized her industry. Hayes has developed a pioneering system in women’s football along with the collaboration of its staff and Dr. Georgie Bruinvels as explained by The Telegraph to see how the menstrual cycle affects their soccer players. Following a defeat in the 2016 FA Cup final against Arsenal, Hayes came up with the idea. The coach realized that a good part of the blue template was in full menstruation and considered it interesting to measure its effects. The coach decided to gauge the impact of the period on her players until get to develop an individualized training program regarding this factor and its consequences. Emma Hayes with Eva Woods, his assistant, urged the players to download FitrWoman, an application developed by Dr. Bruinvels, who also collaborated, so that athletes keep a daily record of their cycle. Thus, once the template agreed, the coach asked her players access to this data to be able to adjust the training according to the time of the period in which each player is and to know how menstruation affects each of them, and Even though There are symptoms considered generic, not all women have the same experience (different frequencies, more or less intense pain …). 28 days, different symptoms, different exercisesIn Telegraph, they have exposed a generic model in a graphic way where they explain how menstruation affects an athlete (regardless of each individual factor) and how you can adjust your training. In menstruation, they ensure that the reaction time decreases and that the likelihood of muscle injuries increases. To prevent damage, stretching, yoga and reaction work with low physical load. In addition, it also includes nutrition tips such as eating fish, an “anti-inflammatory food”In phase 2 (preoccupation, days 5-14), it is the moment when the players feel better but when the risk of muscle injury increases the most. The recommendation offered by the Hayes program is to avoid exercises with drastic speed changes.In the third phase, between ovulation and pre-menstruation (days 14-25), swelling increases and mood swings also begin. The model itself recommends care in the behavior of coaches and coaches so as not to generate conflicts. In addition, they stand out, it will be a phase where soccer players have cravings for less healthy food. To control them, they recommend a diet with more complex carbohydrates (pasta, potatoes, legumes).In phase 4, pre-menstruation, mood swings continue, reaction and coordination capacity decreases and muscle pain and recovery time increase. At this stage they recommend reaction exercises to try to keep the footballer as easy as possible. A way to avoid injuries that players likeControlling all these factors is helping to reduce the number of injuries since menstruation is an inflammatory process that increases the likelihood of damage to the muscles or ligaments.So, as Telegraph says, Chelsea is the only club in the English League that has not yet had a low casualty player for crusader injuries. Coach Hayes acknowledges that it helps but does not dare to say that a direct relationship can still be established between her method and the absence of this injury.According to Telegraph, This program has quite pleased the players of the blue set who consider it useful and offers them more security by having more information about what happens in these 28 days and how it affects their body. One less taboo in London.last_img read more

Aguirre, on the march of Braithwaite: “They screwed us”

first_imgJavier Aguirre has the soul of steel. And its verb is pure cement. Nothing knocks him down. Tireless in the face of adversity, the Leganés coach gave a new show of optimism in the press room to, after signing Braithwaite for Barça, launch a tireless fight message. Of infinite hope. No, no, vital there is nothing. This (the shield is pointed out) this is vital. The rest is passing. If there is no shield, there is no equipment. Here we are only employees. With more or less responsibility. Vital this … and the cuore. What can Braithwaite bring to Barça? What did he say when he said goodbye?I don’t know what he’s going to give them … they’ll know why they hired him. I told him the same as those who left. What luck and that they will always find me as a friend. Someone to message and give advice. We have contact as in all my previous stages. I like to keep friends. Soccer is temporary. The human being is the one that matters. I will be watching him as of all who left. It is a chain of good vibes. Do you have any idea of ​​a soccer player who can do something unexpected?I don’t think, I ran out of rabbits in the hat. We will play with what we have and we will fight like animals. We have to play each game as if it were the last. Look at Atlético or Getafe, that’s the line. Try to leave your soul every game. In the end I know that only one wins but as long as there is life, we have hope, these players who are encouraged have a good chance to get their heads out. We always try except against Getafe and Levante half an hour. In the others we have played with the knife between the teeth. We lack quality in the areas, concentration there. And I’ve already told them, you won’t hear any message from me that they don’t know before.What casualties do you have?The casualties are ‘Pichu’ Cuéllar, who is in his final stage of recovery just like Rodrigo Tarín. Aitor Ruibal is there with the knee. He had a blow to the knee, dragged him against Betis. We were doubting. The resonance speaks of a synovitis, an inflammation in the knee and we prefer not to expose it anymoreWho has hurt more to lose from Braithwaite and En-Nesyri?They did what they had to do at this club, delivered the best they had. And that’s it I can’t, I shouldn’t and I don’t want to regret thinking about what would have happened. They contributed what they had to contribute and now it is up to another to do it.Is it more complicated to save than a month ago?The team is fine, aware of this. If not, we would not be here. If I see a player loose or not, I hit him first. Long faces, regrets, complaints, the VAR, the referee are not worth … you will never hear these stories from my mouth or from my players. We are here on our own merits. The challenge is difficult, but so far. Important today are all. Some had other characteristics, I didn’t care about Youssef or Martin. They have less speed than Guerrero and Guido but they have other virtues and must be exploited. They are two front extraordinary centers, one demonstrated in Monaco and another in Olympiacos. I will not play with ten, with three boys from the subsidiary. We will play with qualified and well trained people.Have you asked one more march to Guido, Guerrero and Assalé? Can comparatives be a drag on them?Ballast, at all. I have nothing to ask for, just what I asked them since I arrived here. Maximum intensity in training. They can be wrong, the error is inherent in the game and the human being. In bold, Assalé, I could not because my French already forgot. But he is a very good player. It is a matter of knowing what we are playing. We are there. Clarify, and there are people who have known me for 25 years, that if I say bold it is like shorty, chubby, ugly, white and yellow. Do not start with racisms, I say it with the love I have for Roger Roger Assalé. One more march we have to give all not because Martin left but because we are in the last place in the league. That is hard. Nine games had been lost before nine and with us four of them. But we remain in the last place and we must redouble our efforts, we must all take a step forward. Me included.He stated that exits force him to change everything. Is it the most difficult challenge you have faced?Training the Mexican team is very difficult, very difficult. And it touched me twice. It is a very nice challenge, a huge opportunity for me as a coach to show me that I can still contribute something to this club that he trusted me. I am convinced that I can with it, of course.How do you raise the morale of the fans?In the field, there is no more. I can say Mass here, good words, bad words or send messages. But it is in the field. If they see in the field that with or without Braithwaite life is played, people understand that and understand feelings. Here it is not pasta or money, the big fish always eats the boy. We have our spirit, a very professional team, magnificent facilities, an impressive medical and technical staff. We have no excuse to justify a bad performance or passivity on the pitch. I would not allow it. And he who is not involved in this role is not summoned. The descents, and I have experience of fire extinguishers, are played like this and not otherwise. Convinced that you can and demonstrating on the pitch. Play that ball as if it were the last in the league. If you are wrong later, people even understand those mistakes. But you can’t ask anything from the one who broke his soul ninety minutes and then a penalty failed. Silly people are not and understand that this Leganés is in a compromised situation, that the challenge is capitalized. But also that we need you, that your breath is important. And they have given it to us in Butarque, no day they have failed of all. And except for the thirty minutes of Getafe I swear that with the fans we are at hand, we go there matched. “The costumes are great and I’m even better,” he said in his first sentence. Like the ones he sang later, without regrets, although full of irony “For now the FIFA regulation does not prevent us from playing without a goalkeeper,” he said smiling before defining what had happened to them in Mexican. “They screwed us,” he said between laughter and messages of infinite support to his team. “Vital Braithwaite? Vital here only the shield and the cuore. What do you want me to say? What do I cry? Here I have 26 very good players and it would be disrespectful to say that we are screwed. We are going to Vigo butt, hard “he insisted. center_img What is your assessment of this crazy week?The costumes are great and I better yet … as long as they let me play with eleven … the rest is not important. FIFA rules have not prevented us from playing without a goalkeeper, for example. Nothing … look … the sun came out, we take off without gloves … we are fine. We are strong How do you feel you don’t talk about Celta?Let them ask me, which is the second question … don’t rush. We focus on Celtic, yes. Braithwaite was here until Wednesday and trained thinking of Celtic. There are no pretexts. Forward. It’s going to be a complicated game because they come from doing well. They have found a very good game form. They won at Sevilla and were able to win at the Bernabéu. It will be a good match. How does Braithwaite’s loss disrupt you to play otherwise?It upsets me like Youssef. He leaves a player who was playing, nothing more … I do not spin more than that. As if it were a sanction or an injury. I take it that way. Soccer circumstances. It is true that something like this had never happened to me. You can not imagine that going to last place will raise two players. It would be the other way around … that the big ones are taken away. But hey, merit of the sports management, who sign for nine and sell for 39. Where do you have to sign? The business is round. Fuck … your little medallion for the people who sign here. What barbarity, how good. He is taking it with philosophy …What do you want me to do? Let he cry? Well hey … nothing happens … we play eleven against eleven and I have 26 players. It would be disrespectful to say yes, that we are screwed … well, nothing … these are great players. We have a significant deficit of points, it is true, but if we compare the first twelve games, which led only one victory, the next twelve times the team has improved horrors. We need points and to that we go to Vigo. To win, with eleven on the field and seven on the bench. According to regulation. In Spain it is said to undress a saint to dress another. How do you say this in Mexican?(Laughs) … Fucking mother … Now you really made me a strong son … I think they screwed us, that’s how it is said in Mexican. We didn’t even put our hands in … it’s what it is. Nothing happens. Should we change the norm?I have heard all kinds of qualifiers to this. I can not add much more. I am institutional and the institution has already expressed itself. I strongly agree with them. Barça acted in accordance with regulations. He didn’t cheat anyone. That’s how it was since the beginning of the season. Everyone who draws the conclusions they want. Are you planning to sign forward without a team?The general manager let me know that we are waiting for a response from the RFEF to sign. Until it arrives, I have what I have, which is good in quantity and quality. I am happy with what I have. From there, they are all speculation. Is it necessary to sign for permanence?Since I arrived 8 players left and 5 have come. We are fine. When you are in decline it is difficult to think that there are key players or not. In descent we are all muddy. Together we will get this out. I am the first one that I think is going to be achieved. This only strengthens us inward. This is an opportunity. The challenge is difficult, now more difficult if possible, but even there. We continue two points down and we can still play with eleven because the regulations allow us to play with eleven. Braithwaite was vital to you …Is that what you think or what you want me to tell you? If not, say so …last_img read more

How much money and points does Nadal take for his victory in Mexico?

first_imgRafa Nadal conquered this Sunday the Mexican Open of Acapulco for the third time in his profession. The title, the 85th in his file, is accompanied by a substantial quantity of money and points for the ATP rating. On this version the entire prize pool was elevated by 3.7% in comparison with 2019 for the lads’s match, remaining at $ 1,845,265 (1,673,358.46 euros). As champion, Nadal pockets 372,785 {dollars} (338,056 euros) and 500 points. Taylor Fritz, runner-up, will obtain a examine of $ 187,110 (169,678 euros) and 300 points. Within the girls’s match, of much less class, 251,750 {dollars} (246,433 euros) are put into play, 11% greater than final yr and 280 WTA points. Of these quantities, lBritish winner Heather Watson will obtain $ 43,000 (38,994 euros) and 280 points. Leylah Fernández, a Canadian, is entitled to $ 21,400 (19,406 euros) and 180 points as runner-up.last_img read more

Sevilla is the favorite rival of Koke … and Diego Costa

first_imgBut before Anfield, Sevilla. And, written, no rival Costa has done more damage. 11 goals in 14 games. That is, an average of 0.78 goals per game. Goals in LaLiga, goals in the Cup. Goals with Valladolid (1), Rayo Vallecano (1) and Atlético (9). The first in 2010, the last two years ago (2018). With six doublets and performances forever. That coast. Together, with Koke, 18 goals against Sevilla. Diego Costa’s 11Nor is it measured in Seville for Diego Costa. Share the Hispanic-Brazilian with Koke: he is a favorite rival. And now more than ever, Cholo needs his goals. Reactivate it. That this Coast that has returned from the operation of a cervical disc herniation, wider, without the finesse with which the preseason had started last summer, with barely 13 minutes in the first leg against Liverpool, 27 ‘against Espanyol and bad feelings, slow, far from the noise and fury to which Cholo is accustomed. Because all Atlético-Sevilla are important, but this maybe a little more. One final before the Anfield final. Both are in the fight for the same. Champions positions. That third place that Lopetegui occupy this day belonged to those of Cholo before it was played, some ‘los del Cholo’ who are now fifth ‘Europa League’. The season, the accounts and all the plans go back to that place occupied by Seville (or the Getafe’s room), who will jump to defend Lopetegui’s in the Wanda Metropolitano. The battle in the Pizjuán was in tables. Whoever wins wins the points and the ‘goal average’. In such a tight league it is not trivial.center_img Koke’s first goal in Atlético would mark a path. Today’s captain against Sevilla. He would do it against Sevilla, the first of the 33 goals he has been with the red and white. February 26, 2011. Nine years have passed. But that smell has not been reduced. When Atlético faces Sevilla, Simeone knows: Koke’s boot can be talisman.Marked him in that season 2010-11, and also the 2012-13, and the 2014-15, and the 2015-16, and the 2016-17, and the 2017-18, and the 2018-19. In total seven goals (one of them served to say goodbye from the grass to a brother who lived his last game from the stands, who was leaving, Raúl García, celebrating Koke by drawing an ‘8’ on his fingers) and no defeat. Five games won by Atlético, two draws. The road map of Koke in front of the immaculate Seville. This is entrusted to Simeone this Saturday.last_img read more

Iza and Espino are unrivaled

first_imgEspino was the first to arrive. The Uruguayan signed for Cádiz last season, coming from Nacional. The last three games of the previous campaign were played at the start; and since then it has been a fixture in Cervera’s starting eleven. In this course he has only missed two games: one by sanction (he saw the expulsion against Alcorcón, on matchday 6 and was not against Deportivo) and another by technical decision (against Ponferradina on matchday 22). Precisely this was the day that his position ‘wobbled’ the most, however returned to ownership against Mirandés and since then has not dropped below eleven. His additions to the attack are one of Cádiz’s strengths in the rival area. Against Almería, in the first round, he became a hero two minutes from the end, scoring the goal that put the 1-2 on the scoreboard; and thus giving three very important points to the yellow team against a direct rival. The great season of Cádiz is written by the players themselves. There are two who are a constant for their work “in the shade” in this course and who barely occupy places on the covers. They are Iza and Espino. Both sides are the beginning of each attack play of the yellow team, (in many cases also the end) and a bolt in defense. And if there is something clear, it is that they are unrivaled in their respective demarcations. In attack he lavishes more than Espino (perhaps his strength) and like his partner, he has had a fundamental role in a meeting this season. Against Lugo, in Carranza, he dressed as a battering ram and thanks to his double, Cádiz took the victory. Their arrivals in the area are costly. The people from Cádiz are the Second team that has completed the most centers in the area so far in the League, with 752; and Iza has helped with 58. And if Espino’s work in defense is essential, Iza’s is not far behind. The one from Puerto de Santa María is behind the Uruguayan in recovered balls: he is second with 153 robberies.Quezada and Akapo are the natural substitutes for both players. The two train normally, waiting for their opportunity. The former has had to settle for playing one game as a starter and two as a substitute, while the latter has been injured for part of the season; and in the league he had minutes last day against Lugo.center_img If in attack the work of the ‘Pacha’ is important, defense is where it really stands out. Uruguayan he is the player who makes the most second innings and the one who wins the most times. Of 112 attempts, he took the ball in 67. Aitor Sanz, from Tenerife; and Pablo Larrea, from Ponferradina, occupy second and third place. As for the stolen balls, Espino, with 170, is the field player of the yellow team, which has the most recoveries this season. Yet another example of his defensive strength.Iza’s case is more significant if possible. The right-back has fallen standing in Cádiz and from the first day the love of all the fans has been won with his effort in every game. He is the player in the squad who has played the most minutes so far this season (he’s only missed eight) and In Second, it only surpasses him in this facet They are, from Ponferradina, who has played everything so far.last_img read more