MSC Magnifica suspends sailings until late December | News

first_imgThe flagship will perform her current seven-night itinerary in the western Mediterranean with embarkation in Genoa, Civitavecchia, Naples and Palermo, Italy as well as calling Valetta, Malta, until March 27th. When MSC Magnifica resumes operation after her temporary pause, she will continue sailing from December 18th with her special one off eight-night Christmas cruise itinerary that week then return to her current ten-night itinerary across the Eastern and Western Mediterranean until the end of April. In connection with the health situation ashore and in particular the continued unavailability of the majority of ports along the proposed itinerary, MSC Cruises has been forced to cancel its 2021 World Cruise, which was due to be performed by MSC Magnifica. Guests will be contacted separately with rescheduling options. The cruise line, which saw the vessel return to the water in October, blamed the prevailing pandemic situation in France and Germany and resulting travel restrictions for the decision. France and Germany are two key source markets for the ship’s ten-night voyages across the eastern and western Mediterranean.Meanwhile, MSC Grandiosa will continue and extend her current sailings into next year. – Advertisement – OlderEurowings takes off from Berlin Brandenburg for first time- Advertisement – – Advertisement –center_img MSC Cruises will be temporarily suspending further sailings of MSC Magnifica. The temporary suspension will affect sailing from November 8th through to December 18th, included. – Advertisement – NewerCovid-19 may limit Saudi Arabia tourism expansionlast_img read more

How artificial intelligence may be making you buy things

first_img– Advertisement – But now more retailers are using AI (artificial intelligence) – software systems that can learn for themselves – to try to automatically predict and encourage our very specific preferences and purchases like never before. – Advertisement –last_img

Taco Bell bans green onions after E coli outbreak

first_imgDec 6, 2006 (CIDRAP News) – An outbreak of Escherichia coli infections in people who ate at 11 Taco Bell restaurants in New York and New Jersey has sickened more than 3 dozen people in 3 states and prompted the company to remove green onions from its outlets nationwide.At least 42 people in New Jersey and New York and 1 in Pennsylvania fell ill with E coli O157:H7 infections in the outbreak, the Newark, N.J., Star-Ledger reported today. The Associated Press (AP) said today that 9 people remained hospitalized, including an 11-year-old boy who was in stable condition with kidney damage.In a news release, Taco Bell Corp. announced today it had removed green onions from all of its 5,800 restaurants after an independent testing laboratory hired by the company found three samples of green onions that were positive for E coli O157:H7 in preliminary tests.”In an abundance of caution, we’ve decided to pull all green onions from our restaurants until we know conclusively whether they are the cause of the E coli outbreak,” said Taco Bell President Greg Creed in the press release.Seventeen types of food taken from a Taco Bell in South Plainfield, N.J., tested negative for pathogens, Marilyn Riley, a spokesperson for the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services, told the Star-Ledger. She added that the state’s public health laboratory will continue testing additional samples.New Jersey health officials told the AP their investigation would likely focus on produce because some of the people who ate at New Jersey Taco Bell outlets are vegetarians.E coli O157:H7 is the same strain blamed for an outbreak associated with fresh spinach that sickened 200 people and caused 3 deaths in September and October. The strain produces a toxin that causes diarrhea—often bloody—and abdominal cramps, but typically no fever. The illness usually resolves in 5 to 10 days but can cause hemolytic uremic syndrome, potentially leading to kidney failure or death, in 2% to 7% of patients.The first illness was reported Nov 17, the Star-Ledger reported on Dec 3. Though health officials haven’t announced a definitive cause, media reports say that most of the patients had eaten at Taco Bell restaurants in South Plainfield, Edison Township, and Franklin Township, N.J.Most of the patients are children, ranging in age from 1 to 23 years old, David Papi, Middlesex County health director, told the Star-Ledger.All 11 Taco Bells implicated in the E coli outbreak used the same food distributor, Texas-based McLane Co., the AP reported. Taco Bell representatives, along with state and federal health inspectors, toured a Burlington, N.J., distribution center that supplied 8 restaurants in New York and 3 in New Jersey.Yesterday Taco Bell said in a press release that it had closed 8 of its restaurants for 1 day so the company could replace food supplies and clean and sanitize the restaurants, utensils, and cooking equipment.In September 2003, green onions served in restaurants were linked to outbreaks of hepatitis A in 4 states, including one in Pennsylvania that sickened more than 600 people and resulted in 3 deaths. The US Food and Drug Administration confirmed that green onions in 3 of the outbreaks came from Mexico.See also:Taco Bell site with access to news releases 10, 2003, CIDRAP News article “FDA confirms Mexican scallions caused three hepatitis outbreaks”last_img read more

South Dakota reports swine flu case

first_imgJan 15, 2009 (CIDRAP News) – Public health officials from South Dakota yesterday reported a swine influenza infection in a 19-year-old male college student, the second case in the United States in the past 2 months.The South Dakota Department of Health (SDDH) said in a press release that the patient got sick 5 weeks ago and that the state’s public health laboratory had identified the influenza A/H1 portion of the virus and that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identified the swine components of the virus.The CDC typically receives about one report of a human swine flu case a year, the SDDH statement said. In late November the CDC, in one of its seasonal influenza activity updates, reported on a patient from Texas who was infected with swine influenza after exposure to pigs, including a sick one.Human infections with novel influenza A subtypes now are nationally notifiable diseases in the United StatesLon Kightlinger, PhD, epidemiologist for the SDDH, said in the statement that swine influenza in humans is rare. “Most often the cases occur in people with direct exposure to pigs, such as swine farm workers,” he said. “Human-to-human transmission is very rare.”Kightlinger told CIDRAP News that an investigation into the source of the man’s illness did not reveal direct contact with pigs; however, officials are exploring whether he had indirect contact.Human infections with novel influenza A subtypes now are nationally notifiable diseases in the United States.In a recent report in the September issue of Emerging Infectious Diseases on a 2005 Wisconsin case, the authors wrote that triple reassortant H1N1 subtypes are the predominant genotype in North American pigs and that human swine flu illnesses often mimic seasonal flu infections. They recommended that clinicians ask patients with unexplained influenza-like illnesses about exposure to animals, including pigs, and visits to petting zoos and county fairs.The CDC had noted that swine flu outbreaks in pigs typically occur in late fall and winter and that seasonal influenza vaccines are likely to partially protect against swine H3N2 viruses, but not the H1N1 subtype.See also:Jan 14 SDDH press releaseNov 24, 2008, CIDRAP News story “CDC reports swine flu virus in Texas patient”CDC swine flu backgroundlast_img read more

Tomislav Perko: Gone are the days when it was enough to just place an advertisement on television, today marketing is much more complex

first_imgYou know that joke: Behind seven hills and seven seas, seven mountains and seven mountains, seven rivers and seven lakes, seven villages and seven forests… you know the sequel yourself, but what I want to say is that experience is the greatest capital you carry or better say it is not the diplomas and form that matter, but the content and experience. Be sure to educate yourself and finish college, but the most important thing is the content, not the form.Precisely the famous Croatian traveler, travel writer, blogger, lecturer and who knows what tourist roles we can assign him, Tomislav Perko, literally went through the “seven hills and the sea” and gathered such a valuable tourist experience. If one has the right answers to the questions: What is tourism? What are the motives for the trip? How do other destinations attract tourists? What is sustainable tourism? and many others… then it is precisely Tomislav Perko.And that is why his experience that he shares with others is extremely important, and as Perko is currently touring Croatia, I definitely recommend that you listen to him and ask him specific questions because you can learn a lot. Also, with never-before-told stories from his many travels, he will tell us how he traveled the world almost for free, what challenges he wrestled with all those years, and how he managed to turn his passion for travel into a career.After his first book “1000 days of spring” was a huge success in Croatia and beyond, he will present his second: “1000 days of summer”, and before meeting him I definitely recommend you to watch his TEDx speech which is up to now viewed over 4 million times.”One thing is for sure, the time has passed when it is enough to place a TV commercial on television, today marketing is much more complex, but certainly the main focus is on digital marketing, social networks, influencers, guerrilla campaigns, real time marketing, etc.… I was a traveler , a blogger, travel writer and I know very well what and how a tourist can do a lot to promote a country “Perko points out, and how to complete the whole story without or with little money, ask him in person, and below is the schedule of the tour for autumn 2017.Tomislav Perko – Fall 2017 Tour Schedule 4.10. ŠENKOVEC, Library and Reading Room, 19 p.m.5.10. VARAŽDIN, City Library and Reading Room “Metel Ožegović”, 19 p.m.9.10. VODICE, City Library, 18 p.m.10.10. DUGOPOLJE, National Library, 19 p.m.11.10. BLATO, National Library, 19 p.m.12.10. KLIS, National Library and Reading Room, 19 p.m.16.10. UMAG, City Library, 20 p.m.17.10. BUJE, City Library, 19 p.m.18.10. BUZET, POU Augustin Vivoda, 19 p.m.19.10. BAKAR, City Library, 19 p.m.20.10. MALI LOŠINJ, City Library and Reading Room, 19 p.m.23.10. CRES, Frane Petrić City Library, 19 p.m.24.10. RAŽANAC, National Library, 19 p.m.25.10. KOSTRENA, National Library, 19 p.m.26.10. VIŠKOVO, National Library and Reading Room, 19 p.m.30.10. GAREŠNICA, Croatian Library and Reading Room “Đuro Sudeta”, 18 p.m.31.10. CLAY, Library and Reading Room, 19.30 pm2.11. POPOVAČA, Library and Reading Room, 19 p.m.3.11. BABINA GREDA, National Library, 18 p.m.6.11. ČEPIN, Cultural Center, 18 p.m.7.11. VALPOVO, City Library and Reading Room, 18 p.m.8.11. COUNTIES, City Library, 18 p.m.9.11. PAKRAC, City Library, 19 p.m.13.11. BISTRA, Municipal Library and Reading Room, 19.30 pm14.11. LUDBREG, Mladen Kerstner City Library and Reading Room, 18 p.m.15.11. VRBOVEC, National Library, 19 p.m.16.11. LIPOVLJANI, National Library and Reading Room, 18 p.m.20.11. NOVSKA, City Library and Reading Room “Ante Jagar”, 18 p.m.last_img read more

HTP Korčula received the Fair Hotel label

first_imgThe president of the workers’ council of HTP Korčula, Marin Didović, also explained how good a relationship between workers and employers means, pointing out that the management treats workers fairly and that is the reason why workers are happy and satisfied.In addition to employees, the Fair Hotel label means a lot to the guests themselves – guests recognize the satisfaction of employees. That is why the initiative of the Trade Union of Tourism and Services of Croatia, ie members of STUH is to promote hotels throughout Croatia that treat their employees correctly and fairly.The island of Korcula is now on that list with as many as five hotels: Port 9 Resort, Hotel Marco Polo, Hotel Korcula de la Ville, Hotel Park and Hotel Liburna. If the road takes you to Korcula, you can know for sure that workers’ rights are respected and valued there, STUH points out.Find out more about the entire FER hotel project HEREHTP Korčula signed a Concession Agreement on a maritime domain in the town of KorčulaThe President of the Management Board of HTP Korčula dd Ivana Hatvalić Poljak and the Prefect Nikola Dobroslavić in Dubrovnik signed a Concession Agreement on a maritime domain in the City of Korčula.The total value of the contract is 110 thousand kuna and 3 percent of the revenue in the concessioned area, and the President of the Hotel and Tourist Company Korcula Ivana Hatvalić Poljak pointed out that the Concession Agreement will provide new values ​​and offer of this hotel and local community. The goal of this initiative is to promote quality business of the hotel industry in Croatia, for the mutual benefit of both workers and employers, with the desire to join the initiative as many hotels as possible.The largest hotel house in Korčula – HTP Korčula dd – was also awarded the Fair Hotel label The quality of development of the hotel industry in Croatia is helped by a good relationship between employers and workers. The Fair Hotel initiative is something that many hotels strive for.Fair Hotels Croatia is an initiative of the Croatian Trade Union of Tourism and Services, ie members of STUH employed in hotels throughout Croatia, which promotes those hotels in which union representatives have concluded collective agreements with employers, in which collective agreements and workers’ rights are respected. union representatives and employers there is a good social dialogue.last_img read more

When you turn your passion into work. Meet the Croatian application for booking nautical berths – PortHop

first_imgInstead of being trend leaders, we are again lagging behind nonsense I wonder: Why do we always cascade? Today in the 21st century where technological development and awareness of the same is much faster and higher than 10,20… years ago there is no more excuse to stagnate and slowly accept market trends. Digitization has long been no longer a trend, nor a future, but a reality. Apart from the initial English language, the application is also available in Italian and German this year, in order to facilitate its use by foreign sailors. “This year we started cooperation with Germany because we received an inquiry if we would be interested in expanding the PortHop service to the German market. For now, we are interviewing German berth providers and preparing an application with additional features to adapt to the German market. If we prove ourselves on the market, we could very easily turn PortHop into a Croatian export product for other nautical markets such as Greece, Spain, the Caribbean, etc. ”Concludes Čolak. When you turn your passion into work. In short, we could call a new entrepreneurial venture, a young and proactive entrepreneur from Rijeka, Andrija Čolak, who has a great passion for the sea, ie sailing. After Surf n Fries, which is spreading literally all over the world through the franchise model, the smart umbrella KISHA, it was the turn of a new entrepreneurial adventure, an application for booking nautical berths – PortHop. INCREASED NEWS: “Unfortunately, most domestic port authorities are still deaf to the organized way of booking transfer berths, which, among other things, eliminates the gray market. We hope that soon the ministry will start and change this situation in order to support the modern development of nautical tourism, safety for sailors and better organization and a more pleasant experience for domestic and foreign sailors in the Croatian Adriatic.. ” says Colak. We have long had to digitize the entire system and be among the first countries to digitize nautical tourism and all other processes, not to have the system hamper market development and thus state branding. Do we, as a “small” but modern state, finally be the leaders of trends? Or even post them? Why not, when we have everything and we can, ie there is absolutely no reason not to be. It’s all up to ourselves and the people. The example of Estonia as a leader in digitalization says it all, as does the competitiveness scale where Croatia, despite all its potentials and resources, stands at the back of Europe. And that is why Čolak’s argumentative criticism of port authorities that they are slow and deaf to raising the scale of efficiency, ie digitalization, is insane and unbelievable in the 21st century. It is in the direct interest of the port authorities in every respect, from organization and planning to efficiency and positioning of Croatia as a modern state. We often hear the business philosophy – Dream Big, and Čolak certainly thinks big and in the long run. The long-term goal is for the PortHop application to become a Croatian export product for other nautical markets. Namely, hoteliers and private renters have been connected for years with services such as through which they make reservations for their accommodation units. Almost identical services have been entering nautical tourism for the last few years, which still operates according to the backward principle of First Come First Serve, ie whoever comes gets a berth for the night, and there is no reservation system. And this is where the PortHop application comes into play, which enables online booking of nautical berths, all via mobile phone. But before breaking into the global market, you need to go step by step, ensure the stability of the application and gain the trust of users, from whom it is best to learn what to prepare and how to upgrade it. After perfecting the product, in this case the application, gathering a certain base of satisfied users, stabilizing revenue, you are also ready to conquer the global market. Although it is always much easier to say than to achieve because the competition is great, the advantage is your base of current users who are the best ambassadors and promoters. Čolak is also aware of all this, he dreams big, but he builds the whole story slowly, planned and smart, as well as previous business ventures. PortHop as a Croatian export product for other nautical markets Those who deal with market development are growing and developing. And that is exactly the key problem in Croatia. On the other hand, we want to be a modern and top tourist destination in Europe, and yet we are lagging behind the market. When you are “small”, then you have to be faster, more proactive, more creative and more innovative in order to stand out from the crowd and to position and brand yourself. Here is another one of the hundred other opportunities to be among the first or the first to jump on this train and digitize nautical tourism. Yes, we set trends. After all, we have one of the endemic positive examples with an eVisitor system that is globally competitive and rewarded by the UNWTO and will even become an export product. It’s possible, it’s up to us. But let’s get back to the topic of the great PortHop app. Although this season is only the first real season, over 10,000 downloads of the PortHop application have already been made, and thus the first serious bookings have begun. And yes, today we all live in a global “village,” and the market is the whole world. You can still be globally present and competitors from Croatia. On the contrary, Croatia is an excellent platform and market for testing and product development in the tourism segment, which can later attack the global market. Ultimately we live off tourism and foreign euros, right? As in the development of a product or service it is best to strive to solve a problem in the market, it is PortHop that solves one of the important problems in nautical. Great story, isn’t it? It can be done by anyone and everything. Wake up to dream. Learn more about PortHop HERE ANDRIJA ČOLAK OPENS THE FIRST AGENCY FOR CONSULTING IN FRANCHISE BUSINESS IN TOURISM – CFCG Photo: / PortHop FB “This season with PortHop we have a much larger number of berths, we have also added the best Adriatic anchoring bays (which are not charged) with descriptions of when to anchor in them depending on weather conditions, depths and other useful information. Furthermore, we have added gas stations because it is very important as an item for every boater and of course the most important thing we have all ACI marinas and many private concessionaires”Points out Andrija Čolak, founder of PortHop, and adds that the number of bookings through the application is growing day by day, and what makes him especially happy is that most users of the application constantly use and book berths, which is a very important indicator that the concept works on in the field as if it had been accepted by sailors.last_img read more

Brodosplit built a sailboat that will enter the Guinness Book of Records

first_imgIt is 162 meters long and 18,5 meters wide, with a carrying capacity of 2000 tons, has five decks, and it will accommodate 450 people, of which 300 passengers in 150 luxury cabins and 74 crew members in 150 cabins. Photo: Brodosplit An innovative system called ‘Safe return to port’ is a novelty in our market, because since 2010 there are new standards for increasing the safety of passenger ships, passengers and crew. Also, the Flying Clipper is the first sailboat in the world with the highest ‘Safe return to port’ safety standards, and meets all the requirements of the US Coast Guard, as well as the US Public Health Service. It is the only sailboat in the world that has received the highest possible class for noise and vibration. Od design, construction and equipping with complex equipment and luxurious interior, which due to its length of 162 meters will enter the Guinness Book of Records. The Flying Clipper is luxuriously decorated, but with a flair and atmosphere reminiscent of old sailing ships. It has space for a library and large lounges, one of which extends to three decks. The sailing ship is equipped with the most modern navigation and communication equipment, each cabin has internet, telephone, television, music and other means of entertainment, and the entire ship is covered by a Wi-Fi signal. On the open decks there are three bars and three pools, one of which is intended for diving and a kitchen that spreads over three decks. Air conditioning on board is performed according to high requirements to meet the comfort of passengers in all climatic conditions. The Flying Clipper is, among other things, special in that it is exclusively intended for sailing, although it has two completely independent electric propulsion engines. The larger one has 2500 kilowatt hours and the smaller one 1700 kilowatt hours. With a total power of about 4200 kilowatt hours, it consumes about two tons of oil per hour. With a tank of 800 tons, the engine will be able to cover 400 hours of driving without recharging. On board, practically everything is double, so in case of any failure, fire or flood of any space or zone on the ship, it will be able to return to the port from a distance of almost 2000 NM, which is the furthest point from the mainland. Brodosplit is recognized as a rare shipyard in the world that is able to build such a unique ship as sailing ship ‘Flying Clipper’. It is equipped with six lifeboats that will also serve as tender boats to transfer passengers to beaches or smaller ports, and with eight rafts, four sports boats and two smaller boats. It is predicted to sail all the seas of the world, even in the Arctic and Antarctic, which is why it was built in accordance with the requirements for the ice class. The speed of the ship with sails will be around 16 knots, and it is predicted that it will be able to sail up to 20 knots with the right weather conditions and the ability of the crew. With its two-engine drive, it sails 16 knots, has rotating propellers, a bow thruster and two rudders, which is why it has exceptional maneuverability. last_img read more

In 2018, TripAdvisor removed over 1,5 million fake reviews

first_imgSource / photo: TripAdvisor Proportion of all reviews TripAdvisor is one of those services where reviews are the core content of the platform and the reason why consumers visit it, but how many reviews on TripAdvisor are fake? The TripAdvisor Transparency Report states that 2,1 percent of all reviews published during 2018 are false. TripAdvisor has a number of penalties for false reviews. When a business first signs up to post or buy fake reviews, TripAdvisor imposes a temporary penalty that affects its ranking. TripAdvisor defines “fake review” as “written by a person trying to manipulate the average rating of a business owner or passenger. Reviews that provide a real consumer experience are not categorized as fake, even if elements of that profile are disputed by the business entity”. Proportion of false reviews In the most extreme cases, the company will apply a “shame label” (a penalty label) that warns consumers that the business entity has tried to deceive them several times. Yelp has a similar procedure. Following multiple violations, the company will impose a content ban that prevents that business entity from posting additional reviews and content on the website. It also prevents parties involved from creating new profiles to circumvent the ban.center_img Consumer confidence is undermined via the internet. On larger consumer destination websites, it is in place to aggressively review and prevent unscrupulous retailers from misleading consumers. Yelp has often been criticized for its “review filter,” but it is the result of years of efforts to protect the integrity of its content. The company says the problem with this form of fraud is global, and fake reviews are published from most countries. However, they point out that the highest percentage of false reviews “comes from Russia“. China, on the other hand, is the main source of most false reviews on Amazon. Given the amount of reviews published (more than 66 million in 2018), that number indicates that 1,4 million of them are fake. TripAdvisor says 73 percent of those fake reviews were blocked before posting, while the rest were subsequently removed. The company also says that since 2015, “stopped over 75 sites they caught trying to sell reviews”. Most consumers (80% – 90%) check the reviews before deciding to buy. The strong impact of reviews on consumer behavior has triggered an entire fake review industry that poses a problem on leading web services like Amazon, Google and Yelp. Google and Amazon should do more to fight spam and fraud. Hopefully they will be inspired by the moves of TripAdvisor and other similar platforms. The company uses a combination of machine detection, human moderation and reporting by online communities to detect fraudulent reviews. Most untrue reviews (91%) are biased and false positive reviews, TripAdvisor said.last_img read more

Finally, he tells a different narrative in the promotion of a tourist destination – DARE TO EXPLORE

first_imgMore than 30 members of the film crew and extras from the Istrian County participated in the production of the film. The production was led by Bianca Dagostin, the third member of the Levela 52 team, the narration was designed by Ana Tavić, while the narrator is American Laith Wallschleger. Costume designer Kristina Nefat, who created costumes for fairies, and make-up artist Nina Rabar also worked on the film. In these rather challenging times for Croatian tourism, central Istria strives to position itself as an ideal combination of specialties, which will keep the old and attract new guests, says the director of TZSI Sanja Kantaruti. adds “Magical landscapes, cultural-historical and natural beauties, autochthonous products and tastes of tradition, are what guests always, and especially now strive for” The film is just beginning its life and we believe that it will significantly contribute to the arrival of domestic and foreign tourists in, as the narrator of the film says, this truly magical place, concludes Kantaruti. Along with scenes of undiscovered tourist gems such as the Sopot Waterfall near Pićan and Badavac near Karojba, but also new views of well-known places in the area of ​​the City of Pazin and the municipalities of Lupoglav, Cerovlje, Karojba, Sv. Petar in the Forest, Sv. Lovreč, Tinjan, Gračišće and Pićan, ie a component of the Tourist Board of Central Istria, with a video slogan invites viewers to explore the heart of the Istrian peninsula, Krulčić emphasized. The video combines attractive locations with interesting characters such as fairies, witches, herbalists, but also authentic Istrians who work diligently in their fields and live in harmony with nature. “We wanted to make something different and innovative, focused on the foreign market, and yet emphasize the uniqueness and beauty of central Istria”, Says co-author Sanel Isanović, who, together with Načinović, developed the story of the film and composed the music for the film. Well done for the courage, a big step forward and on a different promotional film – a film with a story. This is an example that must be the foundation in any promotion of a tourist destination, through story and authenticity. According to the mayor of Pazin, also the president of TZSI, exactly on the trail of these peculiarities, the first promotional film for a destination branded a few years ago under the slogan “Central Istria-original Istria” was designed and realized. Yesterday was the premiere of the first promotional film of the Tourist Board of Central Istria “DARE TO EXPLORE”, directed and produced by the phenomenal Labin company Level 52, which has repeatedly delighted with the production of various films, in which they stand out for storytelling. The interior is different from the rest of Istria, so the destination had to get its own approach to promotion, the authors of the film emphasize. “Our goal was to tell a fairy tale that will entice visitors to explore central Istria, especially locations that are a bit hidden and out of the way. “, pointed out the co-author of the film Goran Načinović, who signs directing, photography, editing and image processing. Finally, he tells a different narrative in the promotion of a tourist destination So far, this approach has rarely been seen in the tourist promotion of Croatia, if not the only one of its kind, and the implementation involved many local farmers and residents, who greatly helped to create an authentic impression of central Istria.last_img read more