Aguirre: “We started the second round with four new faces”

first_imgHow do you see the new ones for tomorrow?Amadou has not arrived yet. He did not train with us. Bryan made the second enter. Assalé and Guerrero, the first. I will take them. I’ll take 19 and then I’ll make a discard. I don’t think I started any. One will have to go to the stands. Maybe not. I see them well. They have been playing with their teams. The language… well… they speak two Spanish, one English and the other only French, but I have two or three on the team that speak French. Except Amadou, the others are with us.Is happy?Yes, I’m happy. The group is also seen … well … wanting to compete internally. Now it is a problem for the coach to choose from the 17 that I have, the best ones, whatever they are called, whatever they are. Does it really upset not having Cuéllar?Pichu is an important player, no doubt. He is a boy who encourages a lot, competes, demanding with work. It is an important absence, but here I always turn to the topics: nobody is essential. I love him very much, he knows it, but he is not … is sanctioned. So that’s it. Juan deserves a chance and that’s it. Lombo barely has time with me. I know him less, but I stay to see him. It puts enthusiasm. It puts love for the shield. That overcomes any barrier. Then you can be wrong, but I don’t care.The Real comes more rested … how do you consider that these aspects are not taken into account?Well, nothing surprises me anymore. They put you Real Sociedad – Real Madrid on Tuesday … then on Wednesday and at the end on Thursday. They put you on Fridays in a row, then at 12 noon on Sundays, several Sundays too. I think … pufff … without intentionality, it is true that we are not being lucky in the schedules … but hey … it is not a complaint. It is an answer to your question. It is done. A day or so does not affect us. Nah … I’ve always said it, the pretexts are for the losers. No one should complain. The situation does not allow space for regret. We are alive and fighting… We start a second round with four new faces that refresh us a lot. It gives us internal competition that we didn’t have. That raises the level, sure.We will have to follow the Wanda line …Of course, of course, realize that people who play outside arrived. We have many people outside and inside. We have four pivots for two positions. We have many central … I know … Bustinza you put it wherever you want. Marc, who is returning … we are complete. It is true that there were people who left because they wanted to play. And that I understood. They left everything to play. Nothing happens. It is legitimate and appreciated. At this time here they would have to wait. You have to turn the page and face a three-point home commitment after 0-3 against Getafe. La Real was my first rival, we tied there and now we will try to win.Do you have raw material to change the drawing?Of course, of course … the other day against Getafe we ​​played with four in the background in the second half. The operation of the party asks you for things. Silva is a natural. Kevin, too, but by circumstances they have played in different positions. I did not want to modify much what there was, because they were 18 months working with the same and I did not want to confuse, but from 5-3-2 to 4-4-2, to 4-1-4-1 it can be made easy during the match. I believe that coaches have an obligation to teach them to play. Anyway and with the drawing that ea. Today they are able to do it fast.How do you see Real?They are doing things well. It is a dynamic and agile team. It has impressive mobility and attack with many people. We have to be alert. They have a very young average. They give me pleasure. It is a team that plays and lets play. I love the master, because he is from the house, he feels the colors, with his modesty he has managed to place himself in the elite. It is up in the elite. When he played against us, had he won, he would have been a leader. It is all year in European positions. It is to applaud. I love. He loves his quarry very much, his coaches … it will be a nice match. LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of February 1, 2020center_img Are you satisfied with how the market has ended?They are players, two outside, who are going to help us. Roger and Bryan are fast. They know how to play close to the line. They are assistants. They can come in handy. Guerrero is known better than me. I saw him in Olympiacos because he was a coach of Egypt and had a player there. Guerrero is tremendously competitive, very hard working. We can use his caste and his desire to play. Amadou is a pivot different from what we have. We have Roque, Rubén, Recio … these are similar. This one is different, with more muscle and long stride. The template is complete. From now on we go every Sunday to have to choose the best. That is what we all want. Be 20-21 and choose the best now that also come long weeks.Have you had any signings in the inkwell?No, not really, because, for example, Siovas has recovered after a long, long time out. He played in Barcelona … he is undergoing rehabilitation, it is obvious. We have everything behind now. Above we have Aitor, who is improving, or Oscar, who is always. On the outside we improve and in the end we have three: Guerrero, Guido and Braithwaite. I have possibilities. There is freshness and desire to face this second round starting tomorrow trying to get three by three.In As said that the teams that made many market movements did not like … Have they been run over by circumstances?No, because madness was not committed either. He did not sign for signing. Those who came were thought and spoken. We made lists of players for positions we need. In the case of Assalé and Amadou, we had been tracking the market for 15-20 days. Bryan’s thing rushes. I was not in the plans. But with En Nesyri, it rushes. The club decides to exercise a right of first refusal on the kid. With Guerrero we save the scan. Perhaps the most precipitous is Bryan’s. En Nesyri surprised us and tried, within that surprise, to try to bring water to his mill. Things that are economic and that does not apply to me.Any of the signings that have come, were they from your list of preferences?Yeah right. Bryan no. There the club decided to exercise the right of first refusal. And then he told me. But he is a very young boy, young man, who is sure to give us.last_img

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